The T-shirt is the most basic fashion essential in your wardrobe and it’s arguably the most important. The best T-shirts are made from soft cotton and cut in a flattering silhouette. So, it was only right that we worked together with Saltycustoms for our limited edition T-shirt collaboration with satirical illustrators A Good Citizen. Purveyors of quality customised T-shirts, Saltycustoms is 

A few months ago, with mood boards littered all around us and a ton of crumpled pieces of paper in the wastebasket, we decided to riff on Descartes’ famous saying “I Think Therefore I Am” to be the focal point of our revamp. “After all, the modern man has changed with the shifting sands of times, moulded by society’s expectations and shaped by the world’s urgent needs. And it is only right that we follow.”

I Think Therefore I Am was the perfect clarion call for the man of today. It was also the only creative brief we gave to Citizen Dan from A Good Citizen. Philosofighter was the result.

As he likes to tell anyone who asks for the inspiration behind the AUGUSTMAN x A Good Citizen limited edition T-shirt, Philosofighter was birthed in a hot, sweltering kopitiam during a humorous brainstorming session between Citizen Dan and AUGUSTMAN editor Farhan Shah.


Singaporeans suckle at the teats of both the East and the West. We practise the empirical method of study and view the world through the lens of Cartesian Dualism, yet our strong Asian roots have us firmly seated in Confucian schools of thought. Are we able to reconcile and integrate our philosophical beliefs as individuals, or as a society? Or will the mother of all street fights occur in our head whenever our viewing lenses are challenged?

Take a look at the artwork and see if you can recognise the six ancient philosophers from the Eastern and Western spheres duking it out in the modern Singaporean man’s mind.

We’re giving away these limited edition T-shirts over at our Instagram page here, so go ahead and own a piece of Singapore illustrative history.

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