We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” This is one of the striking pieces of illumination uttered by Chris Hemsworth in the short film for Boss Bottled and Hugo Boss’ Man of Today campaign.

With Man of Today, Hugo Boss challenges the notion that a modern man’s identity is defined by his success. Instead, the brand believes that a man’s identity lies in how he gives back to society and the positive role he plays in his relationships — whether as a son or father, friend or husband.

This is perfectly embodied by its BOSS Bottled fragrance. It strikes a harmony between its top, heart and base notes, in the same way its wearer seeks to achieve accord between the various areas of his life, and by extension, harmony in the world.

Men of Today

To show that this isn’t just an abstract idea, we speak to two local multi-hyphenates — architect and content creator Edwin Hung, and founder of Habitat Coffee and Bistro Ryan Pang, who is also a father of two. Each a Man of Today, they tell us about how they answer the various calls of duty, as well as maintain their a sense of harmony in their lives.

  1. It’s important to find balance in life as a Man of Today – make time for play as much as for work.
  2. Take time off from your daily routine to do something that challenges you every once in a while.
  3. Find your own way to recharge from your daily stresses, whether it’s meditating, listening to music, or working out.
  4. Immerse yourself in nature, whether it’s hiking or taking a walk in the park.
  5. Pursue your passions outside of work. Take the time to do something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s a charitable activity or a side business.
  6. Travel to a different place every year. It’ll make you appreciate the world and its vastness.
  7. Choose the right fragrance to channel the right mood for the day. When you look good and smell good, you feel confident.

BOSS Bottled is available here at $128 for 100ml.


This article first appeared in Lifestyle Asia.

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