Following up on Lacoste’s first collaboration with Peanuts celebrating their 60th birthday back in 2010, we see the Peanuts gang back by the crocodile’s side – in an even sportier mood. And the collaboration could not be more timely fashion as the much anticipated The Peanuts movie opens in Singapore theatres this December.

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A longtime symbol of relaxed French elegance since the 1930s, the Lacoste brand, backed by its authentic roots in sports – in particular, tennis – offers a unique and original universe through the medium of a large range of products for men, women and children.

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In a series of embroideries for the collaboration, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus, the four beloved characters of one of the world’s most popular comic strip, team up with the crocodile for a series of mischievous games. In a display of candid humour, you will see Snoopy crocodile-fishing from his dog house rooftop, and Linus gently wrestling the reptile for his blanket. Lucy, ever the perfectionist, talks the croc into a game of tennis, while Charlie Brown’s birdie gets caught in one of the most famous toothsome jaw since Jaws.

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The emblematic polo comes in three colours – white, nay and chine grey for adults and white, pink and chine grey for children – as well as a navy sweatshirt.

Ensuring that no one is left out, this latest capsule collection caters to all members of the family, so even the little one can be dressed alike with mum and dad.

Shoppers are invited to join in the Peanuts fanfare at LACOSTE boutique, VivoCity, on the official launch date, 12 December 2015, Saturday, to enjoy special event day perks as well as exciting carnival activities. Peanuts fans can also get to meet Snoopy and Charlie Brown for fun-filled meet and greet session on 12 December, between 2-5pm.

The Peanuts X Lacoste collection will be available in all Lacoste boutiques in Singapore from December 2015 onwards; for more information please visit

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