There are several definitive things a man should have to live life with savoir faire. We’re not talking about a flashy car or a trophy girlfriend (leave those dreams behind in your adolescent years when your self-esteem required calibrating). Here is a non-exhaustive list of things that we believe every man should have.

1. A tailor:  We’ve covered the basics of a good suit, but it often takes the eyes of an old hand to translate the finer points of tailoring into something that’s perfectly designed for you. Like your relationship with your barber (and therapist), trust between you and your tailor takes time to develop, usually over a series of fittings for your first two-piece, which will develop into something deeper with every new suit. To put it bluntly, the dude is going to be touching you a lot, if that’s not personal we don’t know what is.

2. A good bottle of Scotch: After a certain age, you should be practising a reasonable alcohol-to-investment ratio, ie. there should be more money going towards your future than to your local bar. Instead, buy quality, not quantity: an expensive bottle of single malt whisky will bring you far more pleasure and dignity than shots of Jose Cuervo.

3. Tweezers: Tom Ford swears by the handy tool, so what’s your excuse? Use it to rid unsightly stray hairs that would ruin an otherwise immaculate appearance.

4. A fallback plan: Recall the dark days of 2008. Jobs don’t last forever, so what’s your plan B when things get rough? It could be an emergency fund to tide you through rough times or night classes to acquire a few extra skills. Grow your network. Learn a new language. Be the master of your fate.

5. A solid mattress: Throw out the orthopaedic disaster that is the cheap foam mattress and invest in a robust one that will have you sleeping like a baby. Bonus: it’s one of the most subtle ways to impress a woman.

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6. An inner circle: Every guy needs a few Alfreds to his Bruce Wayne – an authentic circle of friends that you can be completely at ease with even when you’re not at your best. These are the dudes that will always have your back and allow you to, you know, share feelings and stuff, without judgment or sarcasm.

7. Crazy dreams: So you harbour hopes of becoming the next Bill Gates or a successful actor like Gerard Butler. Unrealistic as it may be, an idealistic image of yourself is what will keep you smiling in the face of an incompetent boss or that d*ck of a client. And who knows, you just might succeed – as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

8. A private hero: Every man needs a hero in his life; it could be your father, brother, boss or Joe Pesci. He is the mentor that pushes you to do better, shows you how to MacGyver your way out of difficult  situations and steers you to become the man that you’re supposed to be.

9. A bank of stories: If by now you don’t have a couple of entertaining tales to share at social events, it’s time to go out and start living. No one was ever remembered for nodding and smiling. Once you’ve gathered a couple of good ones, practise them, then watch your social cachet rise.

10. Kindness: Studies have shown that acts of kindness have a direct impact on happiness levels and reduces depression. So pay it forward and reap the rewards.

This post was brought to you by Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled.

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