Summer is well on its way, hitting us with heavy waves of monsoon rain and hefty amounts of UV rays. It also means we’re nearly halfway through the year (where does the time fly?) and we’re starting to feel weighed down by our work. That’s precisely why we need a healthy dose of rejuvenation. We’ve got our summer essentials packed.

First, you’ve got to get yourself a tan and a healthy dose of exercise. It doesn’t really look great if you’re a pasty white at the beach. Following that, our list of summer basics will have you looking sharp and fresh for the season.

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1. L’Oreal Men Expert Vitalift Anti-Ageing Eye Roll-on
Nothing says you’re tired more than eye bags and a weary routine. But if you’re going to head out and about town, you have to look your best. L’Oreal’s Men Expert range has a highly effective roll-on that contains Pro-Retinol. It’s a vitamin A derivative that’s developed by L’Oreal and highly effective in reducing eyebags, getting rid of dark circles, reducing wrinkles around the eyes and firming skin around the eye region. In fact, it also works on other parts of the skin.

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2. Les Hommes Jacket
Colour blocking remains a cool fashion trend that has persisted for numerous and doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. From T-shirts to suits, colour blocks break up the usual monotone and add a new element of style to a product. Try on a varsity jacket this summer to add some energy to your look, but pair it with a shirt for the work day and a T-shirt for the weekend. It’s bound to make a good impression.

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3. Thompson London bracelets
Add some liveliness to your wrist with more than just a beautiful wristwatch. Thompson London has great beaded bracelets made with semi- and quasi-precious stones and quirky figures in silver. Each is slightly different, and several variations exist. Check out the different versions here.

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4. SK-II Men Essentials Set
Well known for its Pitera ingredient in its products that are highly effective in maintaining the suppleness of skin and youthfulness, SK-II’s Men‘s range is designed for men’s skin, which has a different dermal thickness from women. The Essentials set gives you the basics for a healthy grooming habit, from cleanser to toner and SPF moisturiser that will protect you well from the sun’s damaging rays. Cleansing and toning should be part of our regular regimen, but most of us neglect to put on an SPF cream, even if the sun isn’t out. The Essentials regime takes less than five minutes in the morning. Get into the habit of caring for your skin on a daily basis.

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5. LQD Liquid Care Shave
Summer is way too hot to keep a full beard, no matter how much of a hipster you are. The award winning LQD Liquid Care Shave is ideal whether you’re using a straight razor, blade or regular manual shaver for your daily shave. Non-foaming, and packed full of anti-oxidants and anti-irritants, LQD‘s products are designed to help the skin recover from shaving which is rough on the skin, and it has plenty of anti-oxidants to enrich the skin. Easy to use, it keeps your skin soft and healthy.

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