We’re no strangers to travelling out of the country for short one-night work trips. While it might seem less of a hassle to pack for such trips, there’s always a dilemma of what and how much to pack. A big luggage might be an easy way out but makes little sense for a night’s worth of clothes. And getting silently judged by fellow media friends is one first impression that’s best avoided.

The solution? We came up with an easy 8-piece guide for a quick one-night business trip. These include the clothes you’ll be wearing to the airport and all you’ll need is a cabin-sized luggage that will be checked in.

Flying Out

No matter how long a flight is, chances are you’ll be stuck in the same position for a while. And because sitting down (with the seatbelt fastened like any responsible passenger) causes unsightly wrinkles on clothes, avoid fabrics like silk and linen that wrinkle at the slightest fold.

From left: Nylon bomber jacket, $109; seersucker checked shirt, $129; seersucker striped trousers, $219

Go for seersucker fabrics the next flight out. The puckered surfaces of a seersucker shirt and trousers not only add texture; they’re quite masterful at hiding the appearances of wrinkles. The alternating raised bumps also means that you don’t need to iron them as hard as plain cotton variations.

Blankets are provided if you need one on the plane. But a jacket helps to keep you warm and doubles up as a great cover-up should anything spill or drop on your shirt due to unforeseen turbulent weather conditions (or just plain clumsiness). A nylon jacket might pose the same wrinkle problem but it’s easily packed into the hand-carry bag once you’ve landed safely at your destination if you’re too bothered by them.

Business Time

From left: Wool suit blazer, $429; wool suit trousers, $219; oxford striped shirt, $129

We recommend a proper suit bag to keep your business suit in pristine condition throughout your journey. But if you can master folding your suit (as seen here) with as little wrinkles as possible, that’s one less thing to carry.

Avoid black suits if possible and opt for a navy or grey one instead. Aside from being more stylish, they’re easily broken down into separates to be worn during and after business hours.

When getting down to business, pair the suit with a crisp striped shirt buttoned with a tie. Once that’s all taken care off and winding down is in order, a quick change into a striped T-shirt underneath is all it takes. Pull up the sleeves of the blazer (or do without the blazer entirely) and you’re instantly ready for an evening of drinks or to hang out and experience the sights and sounds.

From left: Striped T-shirt, $69.50; wool suit blazer, $429; wool suit trousers, $219

The Day After

From left: Seersucker checked shirt, $129; nylon bomber jacket, $109; slim-fit chinos, $119

Because one-night business trips are quite fast-paced affairs, waking up early for that breakfast buffet is often the last thing on one’s mind. If you’re up for it, grab a pair of chinos and wear it with the same seersucker shirt that you arrived in – quick and easy.

Stick to that outfit for your flight back because no one would be any wiser to notice that you’re wearing the same shirt as check-in day. But just be sure that clothes worn are at least hung to dry and that there are no smells or visible stains, before wearing them again. Just because you’re reusing them, it doesn’t mean people around you should be able to tell.

All clothes shown are available at Jack Wills, 01-19 Raffles City Shopping Centre.

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