To many, 14 February is the day where being overly affectionate towards your significant other does not come across as clichéd. However, in China, it is evident that one day is not enough. Following the Western holiday, 20 May is China’s second Valentine’s Day. While the official occasion is named in honour of St. Valentine, the China holiday is dated based on the homophone of the numeral date.

The numbers 520 have a similar pronunciation to “I love you” in Chinese, coincidentally. For singles, this is an additional opportunity to show their appreciation to friends and family.

Romantic Gestures

In light of the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Alexander McQueen presents a capsule collection of jewellery and accessories revolving around the themes of love and betrothal. As gift-getting may be mind-boggling to some, we have shortlisted a few products to pamper your loved ones with.

The capsule collection is now available at Marina Bay Sands.

(Main image: Mitchell Luo/ Unsplash; Other images: Alexander McQueen)

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Amos Chin
Fashion and beauty aficionado by day; idiosyncratic (I think) Spotify Playlist Curator by night. Knows a thing or two about tattoos.

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