For the first time, Moncler Genius presents its collections via digitally-led experience. And by all accounts, MONDOGENIUS is primed and ready to be quite the show.

Held on 25 September, the digital presentation will be held across five cities and told through the creative vision of 11 designers. If that alone isn’t impressive, wait till you find out who’s hosting the grand show.

15-time Grammy award-winning artist and worldwide-celebrated music icon Alicia Keys is hosting MONDOGENIUS. Set to be a real immersion into Moncler’s energy and cultural evolution, the digital presentation is set to go beyond just a showcase of products.


It will be an embrace of culture, an exploration of creativity whilst nurturing experiences. If anything its an event designed to bring communities together.

Audiences tuning into MONDOGENIUS will be guided through New York, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul. This tour de fabulous will explore the concepts that have inspired the Moncler Genius designers, spanning a variety of fields including art, film, music, and extreme sports.

The merging of all these ideas, a convergence of different worlds gives way to a new level of inventiveness which has always been at the core and the essence of Moncler. Along with Keys, MONDOGENIUS will feature notable personalities, such as, actress and singer Victoria Song live from Shanghai.

The show will be hosted live via a dedicated microsite as well as the usual social media channels.

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