Giorgio Armani brings in the New Year with innovative approaches and yet again proves himself worthy of being one of Italy’s most coveted fashion designers.
Giorgio Armani – CITY IN COLOURS
For his eponymous label, his spring / summer 2014 collection (as shown in the video above) was entitled “City in Colours” and consisted of sleek designs that display a fresh palette of pastel hues to break up the monochromatic tone of the Giorgio Armani label. The collection embodies the idea of harmony and a new equilibrium of contrasting elements. Armani combines the finest materials with sporty details and cleverly lets the colours work its own magic to create the illusion of technicality and textures. The colour palette of this collection ranges in a spectrum from midnight blues to ivory whites, almost like a transition from night to day. Armani claims that a sensual “nude” light pink is the season’s key colour. While the aura still retains to Armani’s classics, shapes are refitted to a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette.
As a whole, the collection is about portraying a sense of rigour and a metropolitan feel that is confident, fresh and sophisticated.
Emporio Armani – DIGITAL

Like a younger brother, the Emporio Armani label combines the sophistication of Giorgio Armani but with a touch of sporty and experimental elements.
The spring / summer 2014 collection was titled “Digital” and paid tribute to the electronic age of designing and manufacturing. Appearing almost like a prototype with its use of new material manufacturing techniques, it proposed a different way of dressing – “a look that is basic, pure, modern and visual”. Armani used a high-definition technique to create a recurring hexagon theme, playful geometric shapes which are defined through computerized graphic effects. Complex processing of various materials and laser cutting techniques created patterns that had the perception of digital codes, while methods like heat welding and heat adhesion were used to minimise the seams. Endless shades of white, putty and ice, with touches of Armani’s signature blue and teal green, harmonised with contrasting geometric shapes. Shimmering cottons and laser-etching techniques formed subtle illusions of textures to create a “luminous chill effect”.
A master of form and function, we applaud Armani for leaping into the unconventional side of fashion construction and still retaining his masculine aesthetic.

Here’s a selection of our favourite looks from both collections.

ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_96bc63028949ec0aa5ad6abbcb5fb7b382_e07fd6da357c24813b688f224f43437922
ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_f09ef567d8240be5cdff57181d45346967_f6f03497862c65735a6abdfddf8b8c7704
ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_29fb542cc748f36d314f84620dd974f274_d3372052116f1fbf8edaccf4d7ec60ec32
ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_c99668d0d60df152e17c1f99a64513ec67_61844914aaa864efb55ea68fe9542b3331
ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_927e190c49e129cd3cd58b5840b940f120_d02e1842df8b778f531f434034472f9282
ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_06b10d03de6c9fffdbc8f8f1d11707bf42_261c345e08ccf1b1b35155a3dd3a960f11
ARMANI: A review of the latest spring / summer 2014 collection-am_il_v1001_i_138c054d3270cf314a7d042ff1e8a5ab45_ff95b1b77ca2bf496da6b9cc6aa4df0314

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