“Well,” said Demna Gvasalia, at Balenciaga’s Spring/Summer 2022 showing at Paris Fashion Week. “We needed something fun to happen.” And so it did.

Wait. Did you expect oiled-up, leggy glamazons gracing, swanning and sauntering through whatever Balenciaga has in store for their Spring/Summer 2022 Paris Fashion Week slot? Well, they did. Sort of. Balenciaga‘s house models, friends and guests recreated a red-carpet photocall walk-through, donning the new collection at a pseudo-premiere that, turned out, to be a real premiere. To a very special, very capital-F fashion mini episode of The Simpsons, rife with inside jokes, celebrity cameos (Hi, Kimye!) and, of course, loving odes to many, many past-season looks. Check it out here

Did you catch Balenciaga’s signature Speed trainers unfurling as the private jet’s landing wheels? Minute 3:23 if you missed it. From split-second, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearances of details like that, to a tartan scarf-as-top separate from Fall/Winter 2021 worn not by a main character but by a cameo extra, to Justin Bieber’s denim-and-sweatsuit campaign outfit dotingly recreated, here’s a comprehensive, exhaustive run-down of every single look The Simpsons creators managed to squeeze into ten short, heartwarming minutes.

BFRND in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2021

Balenciaga x Sony Playstation 5 Oversize Hoodie

A House designer in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2021

Balenciaga Hooded Blanket Cape

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in custom Balenciaga

Kim and Kanye in Balenciaga Custom Halloween 2020 Costumes

Justin Bieber in his Balenciaga 2021 campaign garb

Balenciaga Embroidered Logo Faded Denim Jacket

Chief Clancy Wiggum in Balenciaga Pre-Fall 2021

Balenciaga Men’s Large Fit Jacket in Black

Moe Szyslak in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2017

Balenciaga Boxy Coat in Beige

Patty Bouvier in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2016, Selma Bouvier in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018

Balenciaga Off-Shoulder Puffer Jacket & Balenciaga Hour Glass Double Breasted Coat

Julio in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2018, Agnes Skinner in Fall/Winter 2020

Balenciaga Faux Fur Coat

Lisa Simpson in Balenciaga Resort 2022

Balenciaga Red Ballroom Gown

Waylon Smithers in Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2020

Balenciaga Extreme Bodycon Red Gown

Sherri and Terri in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2020

Balenciaga Black Velvet Ballgown

Homer Simpson in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2020

Balenciaga Oversized Red Puffer Jacket

Comic Book Guy in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2021

Balenciaga Ripped Oversized Logo Hoodie

Marge Simpson in Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2020

Balenciaga Ballgown from “The Blue Show”

Bonus: Anna Wintour in Alexander McQueen Resort 2018


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