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In Singapore’s humid weather, we have only two settings – it’s either turned up all the way to sweltering heat, or just wet when it comes to the year end. This summer, there’s no doubt the Sun will be out in full blazing glory. Here are some ways you can beat the heat when you head out.
Dress the part
While we love dressing up, summer is the time that even the most stylish of men have to concede defeat. It’s the best time for shorts, an unbuttoned shirt and flip-flops to bask but not fry when out of doors. Sure, if it’s an air-conditioned venue, linen suits may maketh the man but at your favourite brunch place on a Sunday afternoon, casual is king.
Aid your face
Protecting your face against the sun is a necessity here in Singapore. Against the heat, a single day out without the right protection can set your face back several years. Layer on some sunscreen with the right amount of SPF to make sure that your skin stays hydrated and protected from photoageing while you’re having your fun in the sun.
Hit the water
Water is best when it comes to fighting off the dreaded heatwave in more ways than one. If you’re not carrying a bottle around to keep you refreshed and hydrated, you’re doing it wrong. Also, a dip in the pool during the hottest months of the year is just about the best feeling we can think of.

Beat the Heat with Heineken-am_il_v1001_i_91cfe382e328f0b48b31fa6bd559fdfe46_53c22ef8ff8db458a9ed6dfc9a739a5458

An ice cold beer
There isn’t a better sensation than that first sip of your favourite beer during a heatwave. A cold beer never fails to hit the spot, something Heineken has been ensuring across the world with its frozen Extra Cold columns. Launched here in April (timely, we must add), the Extra Cold beer has become a must-have, especially in a climate like ours. Heineken Extra Cold is served at an impressive -3°C to +1°C for an optimum sub-zero Heineken experience. The next time you’re out looking for a cold one, why not make it count and ask for a Heineken Extra Cold?
Available at selected bars and clubs islandwide. For more information, log on to to get the latest updates on Heineken Extra Cold

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