Fusing traditional manual ability with modern 3D technology (seen today), the Peekaboo bags for men is a result of a voyage in time through Fendi and the house’s DNA.


The Laser-Cut Peekaboo X-Lite bag for Men features the creation of a leather panel that is firstly resin-treated on the back, then the leather is laser-cut following the design, in this case the FENDI script. Before the cut, artisans adjust and adapt the design to the chosen bag style. Finally, a fabric lining with the striped Pequin pattern is placed on the inside, serving as a background for the pattern on the front of the bag. The inside also features a pocket in suede with an embossed FF logo all-over pattern.


The Intarsio Peekaboo Regular bag for Men is made in FENDI’s iconic Selleria Cuoio Romano leather with handmade seams on the outside, whilst the inside is in leather with a hot-stamped embossed all-over FF logo pattern. The workmanship on the front requires several phases. The first part consists in the preparation of an underlying “net”, with the leather being hand-carved and paired with another leather layer to give thickness. A fur panel is then placed on top – with different mink layers assembled, cut and sown together. Finally, the two panels, the leather one below and the mink one on the outside, are sewn and assembled together by hand.



The Interlace Peekaboo Mini (one in Pink) and Regular (one in Green) feature the most traditional workmanship. The leather is cut into stipes, which are then assembled and woven together by hand through knots that are then folded on the opposite side and the bag is then finalized with a maxi metal needle.


For those interested in purchasing the Peekaboo in any of its variations, feel free to reach out to Jonathan, via Whatsapp (+65 9788 6510) to express your interest. There will be client advisors helping you see through your purchase. Bank Transfer payments are accepted, with a next day delivery policy in place. For more products and information, visit Fendi’s official website here.

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