Childhood idol Ken donned looks from Berluti for his 60th anniversary.

Never far from Barbie’s side, Ken has been a fan favourite since he debuted in 1961. And much like Barbie, the icon is renowned for his admirable physique and refined style. Over the years, he has had several makeovers and careers that provide relevance to everyday people.

This year, to commemorate Ken’s 60th anniversary, Berluti teamed up with the figurine’s manufacturer Mattel for a unique, cross-platform partnership.

“Throughout Ken’s iconic history, cultural relevance and diversity have been core to his evolution. These themes perfectly align with Berluti’s fashion and values, so it made total sense to come together to celebrate Ken’s 60th anniversary,” said Mattel Senior Product Design Director, Robert Best.

ken doll berluti
Decked out in miniature Berluti pieces

Developed with Berluti’s Creative Director, Kris Van Assche, the collaboration sees three unique Ken dolls dressed in looks from the Berluti x Brain Rochefort collection, accompanied by a Berluti beach buggy. These debonair styled figurines will be digitally auctioned in May to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Meanwhile, ardent fans can visit Berluti’s and Barbiestyle’s Instagram accounts, where these dolls are seen making their way to Los Angeles from Paris.

“During such a restrictive time, it felt joyful and liberating going into fantasy mode to create all these products and this storytelling. Ultimately, it all goes back to the idea of dreaming,” said Assche.

Making dreams into reality, two dedicated Berluti products have also been created for the occasion: A T-shirt and Nino clutch, both emblazoned with Berluti’s and Ken’s logos. Available online and at Berluti stores in the US, France, China and Japan, fans are one step away from fulfilling their plastic fantasy.

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