When it comes to marketing campaigns, Bottega Veneta likes to shout from rooftops or in this case, from the Great Wall of China. As a part of their celebrations for the upcoming Chinese New Year, the brand created a digital message on the monument.

The Great Wall of China is often cited as the only human-made structure visible from space. So when Bottega Veneta decided to put up a colourful branding on the monument they knew that the message will leave an impact. As a tribute to the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, the Italian luxury label created a digital screen that displaying the iconic Bottega green mixed with tangerine (a symbol of luck in Mandarin cultures).

Apart from the digital promotion, the brand has also pledged a donation to support the renovation and maintenance of the ‘Shanhai Pass’, an important pass on the wall that is referred to as the ‘First Pass Under Heaven’.

Netizens, of course, are amused and are calling it the greatest collaboration of 2022. However, it’s not the first time that the brand has put out giant hoardings. From Los Angeles International Airport to Australia’s Bondi Beach pool, the Italian giant is a big fan of hoardings or messages that scream out from above. So whether it is deleting their entire Instagram history to make an impact or putting up messages that can be viewed aerially, Bottega Veneta likes to leave an impact.

While the art installation was there till January 12, the new collection from the luxury houses in honour of the Chinese New Year will be available across the country. Catch a glimpse of the collection with shades of green and tangerine here:


Images: Courtesy Charlotte Wales/ Bottega Veneta. The story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia India 

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