There are bags out there that can bring you from a holiday in the Maldives to meeting a client in the Central Business District of Hong Kong. But let’s face it; there is no one bag that can carry you through every different situation. And of course, our lives don’t necessarily revolve around clearly defined lifestyles anymore.

Braun Büffel’s fall/winter 2015 collection on the other hand, has an extensive range of bags and accessories that makes for finding that perfect bag for different moments in our lives, a bit easier. We break down some of the stylish pieces that you wouldn’t want to leave home without.

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Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

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Poche-32, Messenger bag, $629

No matter if you’re breathing in the Empire State for work or for play, a messenger bag is quintessentially New Yorker that you won’t look out of place. And there’s a reason to that too – your hands are constantly free for rushing about the city with coffee and phone GPS in hand. And with an easy access to your belongings (just flip up the flap with magnetic closure), you’ll be able to take on the bustling city that never sleeps.

One tip to keep in mind: Keep the shoulder strap short so that the bag rests nicely slightly below your shoulder blades when slung across because you wouldn’t want the bag to get in your way too much.  

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European city-hopping

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Voyage-01, Duffel, $1,799

Europe is one continent where one rarely spends in just one city. With cheap domestic flights and fast train connections, it’s difficult to avoid jumping from one country to another. This roomy weekender from Braun Büffel’s Made in Florence collection, helps to keep all your essentials in style and is pretty much all you need for short stays in each city; to complement your check-in baggage of course.

And when you’re travelling within a continent that has so much heritage in fashion and craftsmanship, carrying a bag that’s handcrafted in Florence, Italy makes all the difference. Style, quality and practicality – what’s not to love?

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Making time around Asia

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Homme-L-01, Briefcase, $659

Less than 24 hours in Hong Kong before jetting off to Kuala Lumpur? Keep things professional and organised with this sturdy briefcase. Leave your clothes and shoes in a separate carry-on baggage while tech devices, documents and other business paraphernalia occupy space in this calf-leather briefcase.

The briefcase comes in a multitude of colours too so it’s easy to inject some personality to your business attire without compromising on professionalism. And that added lock feature is a nifty way to keep things secure when you need to leave the briefcase stowed away in the overhead compartments.

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Palais-L-04, Document holder, $399

Fitting in nicely in the briefcase without taking much space, a document holder is a handy piece to pack along. Whether you’re having some downtime after a gruelling day of meetings or entertaining clients at dinners, this calf leather document holder ensures that everything you need is at hand.

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Being stealthy in the African safari

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Kaiser-RL-55, Cross-shoulder sling bag, $369

You don’t need a lot of things with you when you’re speeding on a rover, keeping up with the wildlife under the African sun. This small and lightweight cross-shoulder bag is all you need to keep your essentials organized. And that front zipped-compartment allows you easy access to your phone for quick snaps of that galloping gazelle. And in the event you get the chance to creep up close to a herd of zebras, the shape of the bag mould close to the body to reduce any additional noise.

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Home away from home

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Palais-N-07, Backpack, $499

Staycations have turned into quite an escape for those that prefer to get away from home for the weekend. If you’re planning to hibernate with your significant other in a boutique hotel, pack light with this nylon and nappa leather backpack. You don’t need much space so the structured schoolbag shape ensures that the bag doesn’t sag unsightly. And last minute weekend meet-ups with friends post-staycaytion won’t be a hassle with just this backpack in tow.

Available at all Braun Büffel boutiques in ION Orchard, Suntec City, Westgate, and Changi Airport T1 Departure/Transit Lounge

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