Kim Jones’ glamour and finesse with Kenny Scharf’s electrifying artistry make Dior Men Fall 2021 a vivid ready-to-wear couture ensemble for gentlemen

No designer is making haute couture his own the way Kim Jones is at Dior Men. Vivid, almost psychedelic, Jones’ collaboration with Kenny Scharf comes right on the heels of a fantastic Summer 2021 collection with Ghanian oil painter Amoako Boafo.

Like Boafo, Scharf’s artistic muse brings new hyper-coloured, hyper-real dimensions to silhouettes and styles that Jones has made his calling card at Dior. Investigating the space where virtual and reality meet, Jones fuses the finesse of tradition with the Scharf’s Pop Surrealism. It casts a rare light in the dissonance of a post-pandemic experience via a reinvented format in Beijing that displayed the pioneering vision of technological brilliance.

Art Beat

Pyjama-style jacquard pants juxtaposed with relaxed fit military pantaloons, is it elevated sportswear or sensuous tailoring? One would be hard pressed to define the Dior Men Fall 2021 collection, as Jones has effortlessly blended what was once two distinct genres.

Scharf’s cartoon-inspired aesthetics nod to a hopeful future while giving a polite hat tip to historical art movements. Jones’ artisans in the Dior Ateliers then translated that vision into prints and embroideries with archival pieces appearing alongside new commissions specific to Dior Men Fall 2021.

Tailoring, the anti-thesis of loungewear which we have grown accustomed to in disastrous 2020, puts one in the mood for dressing up.  Tailored coats and slender single-breasted jackets are eased around the body, relaxed, and belted at the waist in homage to the Bar jacket.

Combined with drawings denoting animal characters from the Chinese zodiac, Dior brings forth the global nature of artistry with traditional Chinese techniques and materials translated through the eyes of a heritage French Couture house.

Art knows no borders; hearts beat as one.

(Images: Brett Lloyd For Dior; Artwork @ Kenny Scharf, Licensed by Artestar, New York)

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