Hermès petit h, usually stylised in lower case, stands for free and playful creation. Although this has always been the heart of Hermès, Petit H brings its own unique value. The atelier founded by Pascale Mussard focuses on taking scrap materials from Hermès and transforming them into surprising works of art through the highest levels of craftsmanship. The beautifully made pieces have since found a following of collectors.

petit h moves from place to place, country to country. Every year, it will stop and pitch its tent two to three times. Its latest stop would be in Singapore, at Hermès Liat Towers, before moving on to Moscow in March 2020.

The latest objects from petit h include mushroom paperweights made of recycled leather. The textured leather, perfectly colour coordinated and finished with top stitching, gives the fungi a natural and pleasing appearance.

There is also a leather purse shaped like a fish, cut and finished in a manner that makes the fish appear to be swishing its tail. A fin-like handle allows it to be slung on the shoulder or carried in the hand. With the metal clasps and buckles contrasting with the vibrant sea blue, it certainly makes for an eye-catching piece, not to mention a great conversation starter.
View the petit h artefacts in the gallery below, styled in a way that brings out the use of vibrant colours and luxurious construction that each of the objects encompass.

Hermès, Petit H will run from the 22 November to 15 December at Hermès Liat Towers. Interested members of public can sign up on the website for the workshops conducted during that period. Sign-ups are limited, based on a first-come first-serve basis.
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