The Kanye West Goyard backpack, which the artist himself customised and purchased at Paris Fashion Week in 2010, has been reportedly resold for over US$55,000 (S$72,995).

Best known for his artistry in music and clothing line Yeezy, Kanye West is undoubtedly a global superstar who has made a mark in the fashion landscape. As a leader in fashion, the 22-time Grammy Award winner has been spotted in iconic and memorable looks that have influenced the industry.

Recently, West’s customised “Robot Backpack” from Goyard resurfaced on Justin Reed, a consignment shop that resells hard-to-find items.

“While Kanye West and his (then) girlfriend, Amber Rose, were in Paris during the 2010 Paris Fashion Week, West picked up his 1 of 1 “Robot Face” Goyard Backpack that he designed,” stated the listing, along with product images and photos of West carrying it.

“The 1 of 1 Goyard backpack is just one of the many limited-edition pieces that West has accumulated in his closet.” Marketed as an “excellent overall condition” bag with “minor marks on the interior and a nearly perfect exterior”, the 1 of 1 Goyard backpack features exterior pockets strategically placed to resemble a robot face. Other notable elements include a K and a star emblazoned on the bottom right corner.

With no advertising or marketing efforts, Goyard has managed to garner immense exposure and establish a legacy. Undeniably, the brand reference to West’s 2007 track The Glory and his iconic Goyard ensemble at Paris Fashion Week has also helped the brand transcend to greater heights.

(Images: Justin Reed)

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