Fashion and the labels of fashion are like two siblings that are constantly on opposite ends. There are the brands that care little about putting their name on a product and there are brands that can trace that symbolism of stamping their name on a product right up to their founding. In the 18th and 19th centuries, before warranty forms were issued and the existence of brands, labels were the surest method of guaranteeing authenticity for both the customer and the craftsman. The Damier print was invented by Louis Vuitton‘s son, Georges Vuitton as a trademark and to protect against counterfeiting. The brand’s affinity for travel goods is a philosophy it maintains even today: every product has something about it inspired by or designed for travel, even the bespoke pieces it creates. 

The Monogram Macassar, Louis Vuitton's most iconic. Image by Louis Vuitton.

The Monogram Macassar, Louis Vuitton’s most iconic. Image by Louis Vuitton.

Today, the classic MM monogram bearing the brand’s initials are more commonly seen by most people. With its ubiquitous presence, Louis Vuitton decided it was time to rejuvenate the monogram, which it introduced as the tone-on-tone Monogram Eclipse this season in the menswear range. 

You’ll surely find it familiar to the Damier Graphite, but where the Damier is more geometric in design, the Monogram Eclipse offers a more playful contrast due to the different forms on the monogram while keeping the stark masculinity and dark sexiness of the tone-on-tone style. 

The Monogram Eclipse, a tone-on-tone canvas print by Louis Vuitton.

The Monogram Eclipse, a tone-on-tone canvas print by Louis Vuitton.

Even though it’s only an initial introduction, the collection covers all segments, from the new Horizon luggage (designed in collaboration with Marc Newson) to briefcases, footwear and small leather goods. In fact, there’s also a Tambour Ultra-Thin watch bearing the full Monogram Eclipse from dial to canvas strap, a first for the brand. We’ve taken a look at the entire product line, and we have to say our favourites are: the Black Ice Ankle Boot, designed for wintery weather and probably overkill in Singapore but still stunning, the Wilderness sneaker that’s moulded to the style of a sports sneaker and very light despite the use of the Monogram Eclipse canvas all around the shoe. For the business traveller, the Horizon luggage and Travel Bag Voyager are indispensible. The latter is sized ideally for a daytrip or even an overnight, and is styled more like a large briefcase than a keepall so you can head to the office overseas without looking out of place. 

The Monogram Eclipse on the FW16 runway

The Monogram Eclipse on the FW16 runway

The top pick has to go to the hardcase Briefcase, styled like a Louis Vuitton traditional trunk but for the modern business world. Once again, designed for travel is the Brazza wallet that can fit every card and even your passport if you’re the sort who doesn’t like fuss. The wallet fits perfectly into the inner jacket pocket for security. There’s also the Backpack Explorer, which is a Noe Marin seabag inspired piece, meant for backpack lovers who appreciate structure and form. 

Check out the short video we made of some of our top picks and discover the entire Monogram Eclipse collection today

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Louis Vuitton Brings Sexy Back to the Monogram
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