IT is time we talk about men’s jewellery. We love our watches, a whole lot, but there are really more ways to spruce up our appearances besides swanky timepieces, aromatic woody scents and stylish wear.

For the longest time, the boundaries of men’s wardrobe choices have been changing. Within this category, however, adorning pieces of jewellery is still something men don’t see themselves doing. In fact, donning jewellery isn’t that different from wearing timepieces – it’s just a different way to accessorise.

All of that is about to change; we are starting the ball rolling and in a year or two (dare we say a few months), men’s jewellery will be the talk of the town; people will be raving about the trendiest rings, necklaces or cufflinks men can add to their own outfit.

If you are already on board, here are some of the best jewellery for men, so come get your own bling.

Gold or silver?

Not all of us fit both silver and gold jewellery, and that has to do with the tone of our skin. If your veins seem like they have a bluish tinge to it, you have a cool skin tone. If they’re greenish, you have a warm skin tone. When choosing the right metal (either silver or gold), your skin will look healthier and not as washed out as with the wrong one.

This is a good tip to have in mind when picking trinkets to go with your outfit – you will know what looks great on you and what doesn’t, especially when you are feeling indecisive.  However, if you already have a preference, it would be better to go with the one you like.

Men's jewellery
Credits: Sylvie Tittel on Unsplash


Clearly, most of us have buttons for cuffs now, but that makes cufflinks all the more special because not many guys are wearing them. Ornamental yet functional, cufflinks are the easiest to add into a man’s attire, and the only group in men’s jewellery exclusive to men. If you have a long-sleeved shirt and the required holes in the cuff, you can rock cufflinks every now and then or on a special occasion.

Men's jewellery
Cartier Love Collection
Men's jewellery
Louis Vuitton SS19


Beyoncé says that if you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.

Rings are one of the most sophisticated ways to make an impression, because the finger which you put a ring on can do a lot of the meaning-making.

Wearing one on your little finger makes an intentionally-popping statement, given that the ring will be the furthest away from the rest of your body. Any kind of ring will draw attention to it, so if you want it to be the first thing people notice, the pinky is the way to go.

Rings on your fourth (ring) finger means – you’re probably married or rather, just traditionally perceived to be. Back in the ages, the Romans believed that the fourth finger was the only one with an unbroken artery that leads directly to the heart, thereby signalling an undying love.

Middle finger: Being the longest finger of the hand, having a ring on it isn’t the most practical thing to do because of how obtrusive it would be when getting hands-on with daily tasks. However, men who do so do it because its central position symbolises balance and order.

Also known as the pointer finger (for obvious reasons), the index finger’s astrological association is Jupiter, which symbolizes power and authority. If confidence is what you wish to convey, wear your favourite ring on it.

The thumb finger is only associated with the thumbs-up or down gesture, so to accessorize it might be a very peculiar decision to make, but hey, you do you.

Men's jewellery
Saint Laurent SS19
Men's jewellery
Thomas Sabo Men SS19
Men's jewellery
Tiffany & Co. T True


While there aren’t any hard and fast rules on the best way to wear one, it makes sense to wear it on the hand you don’t have a watch on to avoid overcrowding. Also, make it a point to note your wrist size and consider if you have small or large wrists.

To avoid imbalance, wear smaller bracelets if you have smaller wrists, and chunkier bracelets if you have larger ones. The same principle goes for picking out watches; you wouldn’t want your wrists to look disproportionate to the rest of your frame.


Men's jewellery
Louis Vuitton SS19


Men's jewellery
Tiffany & Co. T True


Necklaces can be the most fun out of all the men’s jewellery. They are the largest pieces of accessory you can put on. Positioned right in the middle of your chest, the centre of your body frame, it will be one of the first things people notice about you.

Necklaces vary in length –  from short to mid-length, to long. Chokers are short necklaces that close around the neck. Once considered only in women’s wardrobe, men are joining in the fun, with fashion houses like Gucci and Louis Vuitton introducing them on the runway.

Mid-length chains rest at the base of your neck, where your clavicle is and will require an open collar shirt for them to be visible.

Pendants are usually worn with a long chain, thereby requiring an outfit that has a few open buttons or a V-neck shirt. Refrain from wearing a pendant necklace at mid-length, for it may fall under the collar of the shirt for some and above on others, or even halfway, so it’ll be difficult to pair with your tops.

Men's jewellery
Thomas Sabo Men SS19
Men's jewellery
Gucci Men SS19


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Elvin is a writer dabbling in the fashion, travel and culture beats. When he isn’t blogging about his latest adventures, he’s most definitely hunting down the latest and biggest sales in online shopping.

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