IT is time to address this phenomenon: Men’s wardrobes are rapidly evolving, faster than ever.

From refurbishing how men dress entirely, like Gucci, to tailoring classics like Tom Ford and Ermenegildo Zegna, there is no doubt that men’s fashion has explored many different chapters in its timeline.

Yet, one essential dialogue remains to be engaged: Are men finally having the same, increased freedom in their bag selections today?

Thankfully, changing times are in flux with evolving attitudes; this spring, men’s wardrobes are definitely getting the versatility they need in this department.

Mixing business, with pleasure

Long gone are the days when men could only carry boring, boxy briefcases to work.

The laptops we bring to work are more compact than ever before. With ultrabooks offering light and portable business solutions, the time has come to redefine how our work bags should look.

Besides, workflows are merging with leisure activities – you can attend a meeting in the afternoon and be ready for a dinner party in the evening.

Creative designer Silvia Venturini Fendi’s latest rendition of the Peekaboo for men hits that sweet spot.

men's wardrobes
The SS19 Fendi Peekaboo by Fendi

The Peekaboo in the Fendi SS19 collection is a lightly structured piece, with a rigid back and a soft front section, leaving the bag unclasped to offer a glimpse of its interior lining.

Offering both briefcase handles and adjustable shoulder straps, this is the perfect example of versatility on-the-go — a growing essential in men’s wardrobes.

Some of the colours offered with the Peekaboo are brown, black, blue and white.

Street-smart, personified

Phone screens are getting larger each year (with no thanks to the tech giants) and they no longer sit right in our pockets.

Adding the street-smart in men’s wardrobes, this is the Valentino’s VLTN Animals Crossbody Bag; you won’t have to fuss over stuffing your iPhone XS Max into your pants anymore.

This belt bag has the ubiquitous pink flambé grid print that can be spotted across the brand’s SS19 collection, with animal embroidery together with palladium-finish stud detailing. 

You can also find these in panther, peacock or gorilla designs, should this prideful lion not be your spirit animal.

men's wardrobes
The SS19 VLTN Animals Crossbody Bag by Valentino

Some may say an accessory like this has always belonged to coffee shop uncles collecting drink orders, but there is a difference between coffeeshop-chic and fast fashion utility — Maison Valentino makes that line very clear this time, with the perfect compliment to any streetwear outfit.

The Globetrotters, truly universal

A handy holdall is a must-have in men’s wardrobes. We need it for our business trips and wanderlust getaways; a bag that functions just like a suitcase, but isn’t as bulky as one.

The Louis Vuitton Bandoulière 50 is easily a hot favourite. It proudly symbolises the brand’s penchant for universal classics and reliable essentials.

For his debut SS19 collection, Virgil Abloh renovates the duffle bag with his signature streetwear designs, in transparent hues of red, blue and even an iridescent prism.

men's wardrobes
The SS19 Bandouliére 50 in iridescent prism by Louis Vuitton

It is safe to say our eyes naturally gravitate towards the Keepall Prism. Boarding the plane with this duffle will proclaim your fashion-forward style, from the fashion runway to the airport one.


One of the many incarnations that surfaced along with the “murse” is the mote (a portmanteau of man and tote).

Totes are a comfortable substitute for a briefcase, but we aren’t talking about the formless freebies you get from events.

In Ermenegildo Zegna’s SS19 collection, the tote is reinvented with the brand’s patented Pelle Tessuta leather fabric, with its statement XXX rubberised central logo in pink.

men's wardrobes
The SS19 Flat Tote Bag by Ermenegildo Zegna

There is no denying its widespread use: Dads use it, college students use it, and even style-conscious celebs like David Beckham (yes, really, enough said), because of its seamless integration into both work and leisure wardrobes.

Long gone are the nerd-shaming jokes that came with rocking the tote. Now with both style and substance, there is no better way to profess your sapiosexuality. (#totesamazing)

It becomes a telling observation, as to how much clout men’s wardrobes carry these days, from shoes to even jewellery, with just a quick glimpse at the latest raves in fashion today.

Perhaps the epiphany we have reached isn’t merely just about the societal standpoints toward men donning dresses and wearing floral prints — items once exclusive to women’s fashion.

Rather, it is the growing acknowledgement that the wider spectrum of consumer needs exist for the modern man; that is, to cater to the various attitudes they have towards their styling.

written by.
Elvin Ng
Elvin is a writer dabbling in the fashion, travel and culture beats. When he isn’t blogging about his latest adventures, he’s most definitely hunting down the latest and biggest sales in online shopping.

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