Mention pineapple and you would probably think of a Pina Colada or Spongebob’s home. But the tropical fruit also lies at the core of Nike’s new Happy Pineapple Collection. The sportswear giant has collaborated with Piñatex to produce a range of sneakers made with…wait for it, pineapple leaves.

nike happy pineapple collection
Sustainable sneakers

Before you start rolling your eyes, Piñatex is a sustainable plant-based alternative to leather made from pineapple leaves. And it has been used by Nike to replace leather components for each Happy Pineapple sneaker.

Nike is one of the first brands to use the newly launched new generation Piñatex, which is the most sustainable plant-based alternative to leather commercially available at scale today. Made with 95% renewable resources, it also boasts enhanced material performance making it ideal for footwear.

Presently Nike’s Happy Pineapple Collection comprises of seven sneaker editions across five styles. This includes the Free Run Trail Premium, the Air Max 90, the Air Max 95, Air Force One and the Air-Zoom Type.  These summer editions feature juicy hues and an embroidered pineapple graphic on the tongue.

Nike’s collaboration with Piñatex puts the sustainable brand in an optimal position to partner other brands to increase the plant-based componentry in their products and enhance overall sustainability. That’s a right step towards a better future for the planet.

(Images: Nike)

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