At the dawn of the 21st century “normcore” was one of those ill defined, nebulous fashion aesthetics whose definitions hovered between smart casual and business casual without ever being properly quantified. Now, it appears that Uniqlo is content to redefine normcore with its rejection of obvious extravagance and the embrace of authenticity with its Spring Summer 2022 collection. Essentially a joke that got out of hand — normcore is about embracing the mundane and following the crowd, flying in the face of alternative subcultures with a “normative” almost unobtrusive ensemble against the grain of  more challenging or bold approaches to fashion. That said, what happens when fashion’s status quo actually has “look at me!” as its baseline, then normcore ironically stands out in that crowd for its own clarion cry that no-one should take notice of you.

Oversized yet shapely, colourful yet muted (yes, the garments can be arranged to create quite a pleasing palette of colours in a walk-in wardrobe), Uniqlo Spring/Summer 2022 is true to the brand’s aesthetic philosophy – utmost comfort and seemingly simple yet high elegant fits. The understated yet sophisticated design language of Uniqlo Spring/Summer 2022 is an anathema in a market of highly monogramed, over branded, often in-your-face designs. Clean-cut silhouettes for work or play, Uniqlo Spring/Summer 2022 provides functional yet stylish apparel for anything life could throw at you: the outdoors, the commute, the dinner date, activewear that offers ease of movement, and if mood strikes you, designer collaborations for a more elevated aesthetic using sustainable fabrics. Uniqlo’s Spring/Summer 2022 has something for everyone – for men, it’s mostly a colour-wheel of easy to pair ensembles.

Beyond Uniqlo’s Spring/Summer 2022, there’s also staples for the perennial heat and humidity of Singaporean climes – their vaunted line up of AIRism innerwear with their moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry all day, perfect for a week of Lunar New Year festivities.

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