Well, most of you have begun to use it as a gateway between 313@Somerset and Orchard Central since it opened several months ago (hallelujah). But what many of you might not realise is that while the link is aptly named orchardgateway, it serves a bigger purpose than merely bridging two malls. Stacked at six storeys high and two storeys into the basement, orchardgateway offers quite a selection in terms of fashion, grooming and culinary establishments.

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orchardgateway: More than just a link-am_il_v1001_i_2295379591c0a1025ade8becebf9bb5d94_a14b10fe7a84b8cd18e428f877c3241405

High-street fashion from Aape by A Bathing Ape

International high-street, mixed-label and indie boutiques take up most of the tenant space with gastronomical pickings coming at a close second. Basement One plays host to a series fashion boutiques such as i.t’s flagship store, fingercroxx and Aape by A Bathing Ape. And understanding the importance of catering to the well-dressed urban male, orchardgateway has the entire of the fourth floor (The Men’s Zone) dedicated to the lads.

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orchardgateway: More than just a link-am_il_v1001_i_82868558c1242aa608d0e8fb7de97ae880_20e981245497f35113424def936775b892

Contemporary menswear from S2VS

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orchardgateway: More than just a link-am_il_v1001_i_e4686c1593fe93d8722bea806b5bf4eb35_a1aa94b9a2d1ff262a34d59e409b693847

Well-made bespoke footwear from Diamond Walker
It offers a combination of high-street and formal fashion with shops such as The Origins, S2VS and SECTS Shop which was opened by the guys behind the popular local label DEPRESSION, just to name a few. For well-made bespoke shoes from Korea, one of the most fashion-forward cities in Asia, Diamond Walker bespoke shoes has you covered from monkstraps to oxfords (check out why these two footwear styles are essential to a gentleman’s shoe cabinet here).

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orchardgateway: More than just a link-am_il_v1001_i_0646d9685bfe52f6865208eda1823fdc70_a8e40f0c47658cf3b5cc678773310b6784

Fine leatherwear from Italian label Tocco Toscano

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orchardgateway: More than just a link-am_il_v1001_i_269671aba1f7ae704336133f66b321ac46_30f693e65175bd25654732c732b5ca0b54
orchardgateway: More than just a link-am_il_v1001_i_9707c33a5566a34d6bfffe5578a31dac35_521f498db0b1788863dac44f094338ac59

Super sunnies available at dh.sunglass

We also discovered Italian label Tocco Toscano’s gentleman arm hawking leather briefcases, laptop bags and wallets for the urban male on the go. Also setting up shop at orchardgateway is dh.sunglass which was originally at Haji Lane. A bigger space meant a wider range and the selection at dh.sunglass did not disappoint, with from brands that include House of Holland, Subcrew and Ksubi.
When you’re feeling weary from a long day of shopping, we recommend that you gents head to the Premium Barbers in The Men’s Zone for a proper grooming, spa or pick-me-up fix. A bar is located within the vicinity and is well-stocked with ice cold beers, full-bodied wines as well as cocktails for those to prefer to wind-down with alcohol instead of a massage. No judgement here.

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orchardgateway: More than just a link

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