For many of us, kitchens tend to be relegated to the category of afterthoughts. After all, we spend more time in the office than at home and usually eat out for meals. And with the smorgasbord of healthy eating joints popping up across the island, the case for cooking at home is becoming weaker every year.

But, there is a satisfaction you get from whipping up your own meals that you cannot get from eating pre-packaged food. And if you’re anything like us, entertaining people at home requires more than just packets of chips and the Cards of Humanity card game.

hansgrohe Kitchen Sink

And when the kitchen looks as aesthetically pleasing as this, we’ll definitely be doing a lot more cooking at home. Hansgrohe recently released a kitchen sink combination that makes cooking and washing up easier, while helping you save water at the same time.

The brand has released a few combinations but the common thread is the Select function, which helps you to control the flow of water using the back of your hand or elbow.

The button is integrated into the bottom right corner of the Hansgrohe sink (below) and is purely operated through mechanical means, with no electronics or wires. That’s great news. After all, electronic products do break down after an extended period of usage. Mechanical products, on the other hand, can last for decades as long as they are taken care of. Timepieces are perhaps the best example of this.

Hansgrohe Kitchen Sink

The button also opens and closes the drain so that you won’t waste water when you’re doing the dishes or washing the vegetables.

A pull-out hose is also available for you to fill up your oversized pots with water. No more awkwardly placing the pot at an angle in the sink just to boil some pasta.

Hansgrohe has created two finishes for the kitchen faucet. You can choose between stainless steel and chrome although we’re partial to the former because it makes it easier to match with the rest of your kitchen items.

Now, we’re not sure why the kitchen sink hasn’t evolved in the decades that it has been around but we’re glad Hansgrohe has decided to enter the industry to shake things up.

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Farhan Shah
Farhan believes that every man needs a good tailor and a better barber. You can usually find him at the gym, the bar or the poker table, usually all three in one night.

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