How often do you clean your shoes, run them through the polish, or send them to a cleaning service for buffing? Not frequently enough, it seems. The streets are full of shoe hazards, from rough surfaces to concrete furnishings that scuff up our footwear with regularity. Add humidity and mould, and you have your fill of problems when it comes to shoe maintenance. Owning a dehumidifier helps to relieve the latter problem, but that only goes so far.

Alisa Lohitnavy, managing director of Image Matters Asia, takes us through a session with Rick Fink on how to maintain your footwear. Fink is one of England’s best-known butlers, who has buttled for over five decades and managed great estates and mansions for the English aristocracy, manages and teaches the Butler-Valet School in the UK today. Fink goes through with us the entire process of maintaining the shoe quickly, as well as taking note of what needs to be managed in your footwear, and how to buff out a scratch quickly. These tips, straight from a professional butler’s mouth, will definitely find use in your repertoire of personal maintenance skills, for the perfect shine on your toecaps. After all, nothing says more about your look than a good pair of shoes.

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