British designer Stella McCartney is known for her wearable approach to fashion design. There are no unnatural or pompous silhouettes and certainly no puzzling details; Stella McCartney’s clothes are meant to be worn and stylishly so.

It’s a surprise then that for her second menswear collection, McCartney has released a dark short film to accompany her Brit-irreverent fall/winter 2017 collection. Directed by Sean Ellis and starring actor Cillian Murphy, the film takes place in the scenic woodland area of Buckinghamshire. Murphy plays the role of the ‘Stella Man’ who’s searching for answers after he awakens in the middle of a clearing in the woods, leading him to an abandoned cabin. To add to the surreal visuals, Paul McCartney himself created the music for the film.

Just like any great short film, the visuals abruptly end and leave us with even more questions. Like why is Cillian Murphy lying on the ground in a brand new coat? And more importantly, where can we get a hold of some of those impeccable tailored pieces?

For now, we can at least answer the last question. The Stella McCartney fall/winter 2017 collection will be available soon at Club21 Four Seasons. 

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Stella McCartney’s Foray Into The Dark Woods Of The Avant-Garde
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