Known for his ability to play multiple positions, including winger, striker, and attacking midfielder, Richarlison de Andrade is a rarity in the realm of football – Comfortable playing on either side of the field, and able to adapt his play style to suit the needs of his team, his skills are analogous to a defining attribute of Tumi’s new collection illustrating the importance of reliable travel products in a world full of unknowns. If a Tumi backpack could be embodied in a person, it would most likely look like Richarlison.

During the 1980’s, Tumi introduced innovative yet soft, ultra-functional, black-on-black ballistic nylon travel bags that catapulted the brand as a premier maker of robust travel bags. In the 1990s and 2000s, ultra-durable materials like FXT® ballistic nylon in their soft-sided suitcases and even an exclusive use of Tegris®, a special thermoplastic composite designed to survive life’s travels and travails, differentiated the brand from the sea of competition, cementing an equally enduring brand proposition. More recently, Tumi’s continued dedication to high-end materials is exemplified in the latest 19 Degree polycarbonate travel collection, lightweight yet durable, celebrating sustainability with the shells and linings of each piece are made with recycled materials, to create eye-catching designs with modern silhouettes.


This pursuit of excellence and innovation in design and materials culminates in Tumi’s latest “Unpack Tomorrow” global campaign not only offers a personal look into high achieving globetrotters like Richarlison, Son Heung-min, singer-songwriter Reneé Rapp, and McLaren Formula 1 driver Lando Norris, but also the many ways the latest Alpha Bravo, Voyageur, and TUMI | McLaren collections serve as worthy companions to their lives.

For wherever life takes you: Tumi’s latest Alpha Bravo, Voyageur, and TUMI | McLaren collections

Featuring the same “go anywhere, do anything” energy of the original Alpha Bravo, but with sleeker and more durable silhouettes, the brand introduces seasonal newness to its iconic collection with new colourways that stay true to the collections utilitarian roots and military-inspired heritage. The first installment of “Unpack Tomorrow” is shown through the perspective of stars Brazilian professional footballer Richarlison, who recently helped take his team to the 2022 World Cup quarter finals, and his soccer forward compatriot, Son Heung-min who is into his 2nd year with Tumi. “Being an athlete, I never know what’s coming next, but I feel confident with my Tumi knowing that I’m ready for what tomorrow brings,” says Son.

Sex Lives of College Girls and Mean Girls: The Musical actress Reneé Rapp’s vignette will follow after the footballers, relaunching Tumi’s beloved women’s Voyageur collection, boasting recycled materials within its core designs. With modern takes on the classics like totes and hobo crossbody bags, the Voyageur is equal parts stylish and functional as it accompanies Reneé on her international career. Tumi’s innovative spirit have shown tremendous ingenuity in turning humble recyclables into high performance materials as part of the brand’s efforts towards a circular economy – that being said, having some of the most hardwearing bags on the planet that can potentially outlive its owner, is also a gold standard in sustainability, but we digress.

Soft palette colourways has defined the latest Tumi’s Voyageur

With its soft palette colourways, the Voyageur is going to be your partner’s favourite travel accessory thanks to its ease of creating “colour-block” ensembles. Colour-blocking is an exploration of taking colours that are opposites on the colour wheel and pairing them together to make interesting and complementary colour combinations – or perhaps, another en vogue combination is simply to do mono-tones with both trolley and tote of the same colour palette.

23-year-old British Formula 1 driver Lando Norris will present the third TUMI | McLaren collection

Building on the success of ultra-light yet super luxurious leather with carbon fibre execution of traditional travel goods, the final instalment launching in April follows F1 driver Lando Norris alongside the third TUMI | McLaren collection, this time celebrating McLaren’s 60th anniversary, featuring its signature Papaya colourway.

The youngest-ever British Formula 1 driver is truly a feather in the cap for Tumi. Turning 23 this year, Lando is one of motorsport’s brightest stars and the defect Gen-Z face of F1. Rocking up to 10-12 shoes in a single travel case during his world tours, his is the last but probably most fashionista-inspiring of campaign videos. Showcasing the racing superstar in a montage on his travels, showcasing a McLaren Artura and the ways that his TUMI bag’s performance matches his own. Already a “pit-lane style icon”, TUMI and McLaren’s commemorative collaboration in honour of the supercar brand’s special anniversary will continue to integrate fashion, lifestyle, and technology with its newest seasonal pieces.

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TUMI’s New Collection And “Unpack Tomorrow” Campaign Shows It Can Handle Your Baggage (And More)

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