If you’re anything like us, you’ve already bought your plane tickets months in advance for the upcoming holiday season. But while we are quite fastidious about travel and accommodation plans, packing our luggage tends to be a last-minute affair, usually hours before our flight.

Do we need that suit? Perhaps we should pack this overcoat just in case. What am I missing? Oh yes, socks. We always forget to bring an essential item along, curse the heavens and promise not to repeat this mistake the following year. And yet, this manic ritual repeats itself time and again.

So we’re glad for the new Holiday Collection 2016 from Nautica. Fashion-forward and rather versatile, the pieces in the range won’t look out of place at the beach or the restaurant, which means that you won’t have to pack your entire wardrobe but just a few key items that you can wear up or down.

Quah Ting Wen (left) wears a stripe polyester tunic dress and Russell Ong wears a cotton-blend jumper, cotton shirt, cotton-blend chinos, all from Nautica

On cooler nights, put on the lightweight, linen-textured sweaters over your shirt and roll up the sleeves for that insouciant look. And should the need ever arise, go the charming gentlemanly way and offer your sweater to your female companion. She’ll fall in love with the lush and rich material and you’ll score additional points in her book.

If it gets a tad warm, you can remove the sweater and tie it around your shoulders. It’s light enough so that it won’t unnecessarily weigh you down when you’re exploring what the city’s nightlife has to offer. Plus it changes your look instantly.

When it comes to your bottoms, we have a nifty trick. Roll up the signature chino pants and show some ankle when walking by the beach to catch the sunset and unroll them when the time calls for it.

Russell Ong wears a cotton shirt, cotton-blend jumper and cotton-blend chinos, all from Nautica

Quah Ting Wen wears a cotton shirt, polyester tank and linen-blend shorts, all from Nautica

We love the classic nautical stripes as well as the relaxed and unconstructed styling of Nautica’s shirts, making them ideal for navigating any social situation and location overseas with ease. The soft palette of the Nautical Collection means it’s easier to match with the other items in your wardrobe.

There are small details in the Collection that elevate it above the rest. The sail-stitching, introduced this season, can be found in many of the pieces and is a signature detail of the range.

Quah Ting Wen (left) wears a rayon-blend striped blouse, cotton-blend tank and rayon-blend printed shorts, and Russell Ong wears a cotton shirt and cotton-blend chinos, all from Nautica

When you are travelling, the last thing you want to be fussing over is whether all the elements of your outfit match one another. There are more important things to do. In this aspect the new Nautica Holiday Collection lets you get on with the pleasure of travelling while making sure you look good along the way. For that reason, we’re not as fearful about last-minute packing anymore.

Head on over to Nautica Marina Square #02-208 & Vivocity #01-87 to check out the entire Holiday Collection.

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