Mirko Buffuni’s Kirk 

It took a vial of patchouli-based juice from one of Firenze’s last artisanal perfume workshops to egg Mirko Buffini into creating his own fragrance. At first spritz he hated it, but in the way that wine needs to breathe to take its best form, hate turned to love after 10 minutes. This sparked the idea for a niche Italian perfume label. Two years and 50 scent concoctions later, he finally proclaimed, “This is it.” In 2011, Mirko Buffuni made its debut with its No.31, which is now joined by 11 other fragrances, all made by traditional, handmade Florentine methods. Our pick is Kirk, a woody and spicy fragrance with peppery top notes and a lavender/sandalwood base. A little on the inside of your elbows will keep you smelling pretty damn good for hours. 

$250 for 100ml at Maven, Takashimaya, Level 3

Tom Ford’s Oud Minerale

While oud usually makes rich scents for cold weather, it can be a tad heavy for Singapore’s heat. Tom Ford’s Oud Minérale sorts that out. The brand’s first marine fragrance tempers rich oud with aquatic nuances for a manly, shower-fresh scent. Let it dry properly to reveal its true self – a smoky fragrance that evokes the scent of a dense forest right beside the ocean with the sophistication of everything Tom Ford. It’s something you can count on to get through the hot days ahead.    

Starting at $350 for 50ml at Tom Ford counters at TANGS

Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue pour Homme

Anyone who enjoys cocktails beyond just flavour and happy intoxication will appreciate the new Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue pour Homme. It still retains its signature crispy freshness, but infused with a summer cocktail of aromas that include mandarin orange and frozen grapefruit, eventually developing into a warm base of amber wood and musk that marks the wearer as a vibrant, fun-loving individual, all without ever compromising masculinity. 

Starting at $106 for 50ml and available at major department stores, Sephora and SaSa

Azzaro Wanted

Loris Azzaro was a sunny man. His perpetual geniality stems from a childhood spent in the Mediterranean, where it’s a constant blue and salty sweet. And boy, did he love the sun. As a nose, he always endeavoured to colour his fragrances with the scents of the Mediterranean, and they have always reflected a picture of who he was – a loving and charismatic man whose life was like an endless summer. Loris Azzaro’s legacy carries on. Composed by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, the new Azzaro Wanted celebrates the life of Loris Azzaro with the story of a desired hero – a hedonistic gentleman who takes chances, trusts his instincts and lives life on the edge, as though every moment is potentially his last. Within the bottle, which is modelled after a revolving cyclinder, lies Guatemalan cardamom, Haitian vetiver and Brazilian tonka beans harvested from sustainable sources. “It captures citrus, spice, wood and ginger,” says Pellegrin. “The notion of desire and sensuality is at the heart of this scent.”          

Starting from $99 for 50ml at select department stores, Sephora Ion and SaSa

Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart

If you’re thinking that the bottle looks like a glossy version of Death Star or a Poké Ball for dark lords, we can be fast friends. No, Thomas Sabo’s Rebel at Heart fragrance isn’t going to destroy an entire office tower with a single spritz. The subtle scent lasts for six to eight hours. It opens with cinnamon before progressing to smoky, spiced tea notes, and stands out as a great alternative in a scene that’s saturated with aquatic fragrances. 

Starting at $99 for 50ml at Thomas Sabo

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