Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash
massage: spa esprit

Treatment: Super Vibrator

What were you thinking? Spa Esprit’s Super Vibrator is a treatment that claims to promote healing through vibrational energy. It begins with the Emotional Positional System (EPS) biofeedback device, which reads and analyses your chakras before prescribing you with a personalised blend of therapeutic oils. Tingsha cymbals are then used to “cleanse” the massage space while inviting positive energy to keep your mind and spirit at peace. The prescribed oils are used next to scent the space and massage you with, all to promote healing through aromatherapy. For the latter, a traditional Hawaiian technique called Lomi Lomi is employed. It helps to loosen knots, release tension and restore energy. At the same time, Tibetan singing bowls are also struck to induce healing as their vibrations are supposedly capable of reaching deep into our nerves and tissues. We aren’t convinced by the new age concepts, but we must admit that the tools and techniques do genuinely promote a far more relaxed state of mind.

Available at Spa Esprit at $250 for 120 minutes

hair removal: strip

Treatment: Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT)

We admit that we’ve cut down on our grooming regime since working from home. And looking at how lush our garden has grown has made us consider removing our hairs for good. While IPL and SHR have both been reported to be effective, AFT at Strip is the next big thing we want. The updated light-induced semi-permanent hair removal method features all you can expect from its predecessors, except that it is painless and more effective. Unlike IPL, Strip uses medical grade technology from Alma Lasers to induce effective follicle damage and hair loss through gentle means. The device head covers a larger area compared to IPL, and is also built with a cooling mechanism to sooth treated areas immediately, thus eliminating burns entirely. In addition, the AFT device disperses light in a narrower range of wavelengths (between 650-950 nm) to safely eradicate hair follicles, unlike in IPL where the device disperses light in wavelengths of up to 1200nm, which can damage the epidermis.

Available at Strip at $2,600 for six sessions (for men)

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash
deep cleansing: ids Aesthetics

Treatment: Hydro Therapeutics Treatment (HTT)

Those who have put your grooming routine on the back-burner during the CBB should consider this decongesting face treatment. After a quick consultation with the therapist, you’ll be whisked to a room where an effective eight-step routine is performed to purify your pores and restore clarity to your complexion. Of all the steps that we went through, we enjoyed undergoing microdermabrasion the most. It used an exfoliating device that gently and effectively whisked away dead skin cells to promote healthy blood circulation, while revealing a fresher looking complexion and keeping blemishes at bay. The steps that followed, cleansing and vitamin C treatment, used an ultrasonic device to complement the microdermabrasion with deep cleansing and collagen-stimulating benefits respectively.  The treatment was finished off with moisturising and sun protection, and we left with a newfound radiance that lasted for days.

Available at IDS Aesthetics for $198 (60 mins) before GST

Relaxing facial: sulwhasoo face spa

Treatment: Men’s Treatment

If you’re looking for a facial to help you to relax and escape from stifling conditions at home, consider Sulwhasoo’s Men’s Treatment. Here, therapists use products from the Korean luxury brand’s men’s line to reverse the signs of ageing and promote a sense of wellbeing. After a brief but insightful consultation, you’ll be whisked to the treatment room where the journey begins with mild but effective cleansing. Gentle exfoliation ensues, before a treatment mask is applied to address specific skin conditions. The session ends with the application of serum, moisturiser and sunscreen to lock in all the botanical goodness the brand has to offer. Throughout the treatment, both the therapist’s deft hands and tools used help to de-puff, relax and promote lymphatic drainage, all in a bid to also release tension and breathe new life to tired minds and complexions. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand’s products, a session like this would be the perfect introduction to their men’s line-up too.

Available at Sulwhasoo for $140 (80 minutes)

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash
scalp care: pHS Hairscience

Treatment: Advance Scalp Repair Treatment

Just because you’ve skipped applying hair products during CCB doesn’t mean that grime, sebum and sweat haven’t insidiously built up on your scalp. So we suggest heading to PHS Hairscience for the Advance Scalp Repair Treatment to address scalp issues that range from dandruff to sensitivity. After a thorough consultation and scalp scan, the therapist will pull out appropriate products and tools to purify your scalp through gentle but effective deep cleansing methods. Our favourite step in this treatment is where the scalp mask was used together with the electrotherapy device to effectively push the nutrients into the scalp while promoting healthy blood circulation through micro currents. It’s only expected for us to leave the salon with a head that feels much lighter, but another positive effect is that we noticed a significant reduction of hair loss in the weeks that followed. 

Visit for price details and updated promotions

barber treatment: sultans of shave

Treatment: Sultan’s Experience

After being cooped up for months, we don’t mind dropping a few more dollars to treat ourselves to more than a haircut at the barber. Sultans of Shave spoil us with the Sultans Experience, where the transformative journey keeps our messy manes in place thanks to the salon’s experienced barbers. It begins with a consultation to understand a customer’s needs. If it’s a haircut you need, here is where messy locks are trimmed into shape for a style that complements your face shape. This is then followed by a relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage to release any stiffness and tension caused by tech and computer neck syndromes. After a quick wash and styling using products available exclusively at the salon, you can enjoy the Sultans Shave, where hot towel treatments, straight razor shaves and gentle exfoliation keep your face looking sleek and sophisticated. 

Available at Sultans of Shave at $130 for 120 minutes

*All trials for reviews were conducted prior to the implementation of CCB rules






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