Jon Chua and Amanda Chaang are a busy couple. Recently, Amanda appeared in Toggle’s drama series Cheerific while Jon dropped his first solo single, Ready For Ya, in July. Aside from that, the former has been tied up with filming and other shoots while the latter fills his schedule with production projects and performances. With all that on their plate, it’s a wonder that the newlyweds could squeeze out the time to go on a quick getaway to California.

Though it may be an escape from career stresses, the hot and dry Californian air spelt trouble for their skin. While Amanda has an arsenal of skincare products to keep hers in good shape, Jon uses only facial wash in his routine. He is fortunate to have good skin, but we don’t encourage anyone to ever take that for granted. So, before the couple flew off, we handed Jon Lab SeriesRescue Water Lotion to deal with California’s environment. We checked back in when they returned.

AUGUSTMAN - Lab Series - Rescue Water Lotion. Photo: Simon Sim
Jon Chua JX and Amanda Chaang gave Lab Series’ Rescue Water Lotion a try. Photo: Simon Sim

We know that you both have very tight schedules and just returned from California. How has all that affected your skin?

JC: It’s not so bad for me, I’ve been blessed with good skin so I haven’t really experienced much trouble whether I’m working or travelling.

AC: My skin is definitely paying the price. A lack of rest and wearing copious amounts of makeup has caused it to break out more frequently. California’s dry air did seem to reduce oiliness while I was there, but it also left my skin looking dull.

Lab Series Rescue Water Lotion. Photo: Simon Sim
Lab Series Rescue Water Lotion. Photo: Simon Sim

We heard that Jon’s skincare routine only comprised  facial cleanser. Did the Rescue Water Lotion help in any way while you were in California?

AC: He did actually use the product while we were there, because California’s dry air threw our skin a little off balance and I urged him to. I noticed that the mild flaking on his skin disappeared when he did. On top of that, his skin also appeared more lively.

JC: I try to keep my skincare routine short, especially since my skin is usually quite resilient. But the product did help. The best part was that its application was really easy, which is great for busy people.

AC: I had to remind him about the importance of hydration, which the Rescue Water Lotion provides. Dry to normal skin will only get drier in a climate like California’s, which was why we observed the flaking on Jon’s skin. Conversely, oily skin will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, which then causes breakouts. I must admit I borrowed the product from him to address that issue during the trip when I was too lazy to reach out for my own products (laughs).

Do you still use it now that you’re back?

JC: Just once a week, to give my skin a hydration boost. AM

Lab SeriesRescue Water Lotion is available at all Lab Series stores and counters islandwide

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Syed Zulfadhli
Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.

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