In 2022, let’s invest more time and effort in our skincare. And who better to school us on how to achieve this than the industry’s leading K-beauty trends?

From tech futures to fermented tea and kombucha to the even more odd red onion, here are the biggest K-beauty trends to bookmark.

Biggest K-Beauty trends of 2022

Healthy glow


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The quest for a healthy glow is quite popular — one of the primary trends in Korean beauty is being confident in one’s own skin and a focus on healthy skin. Instead of glass skin, go for a basic routine that includes nourishing and brightening ingredients such as propolis and hyaluronic acid.

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Plant ingredients

There will be a lot more retinol-based skincare in 2022 and more unexpected discoveries on plant extracts with therapeutic characteristics such as red onion. Furthermore, there will be significant growth in awareness of the sustainable packaging and beauty movement.

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Tech futures


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Over the last decade, there has been a steady growth in demand for at-home and high-tech beauty gadgets such as full-face LED masks and ultrasonic facial cleansers. COVID has undoubtedly pushed this K-beauty trend, with at-home beauty tech solutions now in high demand throughout the world. The prediction is that your next Korean beauty product will come from a Korean tech giant, such as LG or Samsung, rather than a typical Korean skincare brand.

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Multi-use products

There’s a strong trend toward simplifying routines. Not that anyone has abandoned multi-step regimens, but multi-use items are really blazing bright and attract people’s attention. Any products that pamper the skin while simultaneously saving time at the sink seem to be the current rage.

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Vegan products, wash-off masks and fermented ingredients

It appears that the industry is shifting away from sheet masks and toward wash-off masks. (Image: Cottonbro/ Pexels)

According to experts, we will continue to witness a shift toward more vegan-friendly products and environmentally friendly packaging. Due to their single-use feature, it appears that the industry is shifting away from sheet masks and toward wash-off masks. According to experts, several brands will release more sensitive skin-friendly formulas as well as mild, unscented formulations. Products containing fermented components that are also known to have anti-ageing benefits, such as fermented tea and kombucha, are becoming increasingly popular.

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Slime for a change

What will be the next snail mucin, the gloopy (and moisturising) secretion found in so many Korean sheet masks and serums? Snail mucin, actually — but without the snail. “The younger generation of Koreans cares more about animals, and as a result, vegan skincare is in the forefront of their minds,” experts say. (Snails aren’t killed for their mucin; instead, their mucin is collected and sterilised after they crawl over the mesh.)

“Within the next year, you’ll see brands introducing ‘phytomining,’ a vegan substitute.” It’s prepared using wild yam, okra, or seaweed. “Seaweed and okra have similar moisturising and firming benefits as snail secretions,” experts say, and “wild yams may have antioxidant and moisturising benefits.”

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Efficacious skincare

Experts believe that K-beauty would consist of more efficacy-based skincare products that focus ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, and AHA/BHAs. More and more individuals are seeking for ways to maintain their skin healthy at home. Look for multi-purpose but effective skincare that may address many skin demands such as anti-aging, skin brightening, less breakouts, and skin smoothing.

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Vitamin A

Because vitamin A is still quite popular, experts predict that more Korean brands will produce retinol/retinal products in 2022. We will also see more maskne-treating skincare products and long-lasting makeup that can be worn while wearing a face mask, such as transfer-proof lip products and cushion foundation that transfers less.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What exactly is Snail Mucin?

Answer: Simply put, it’s the excretion from a snail, which is why it’s also known and appears on ingredient labels as snail secretion filtrate, or SSF. This isn't an excretion that comes out as the snail moves, but rather a substance secreted when the snail is stressed.

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