Alexander Yue is a familiar face on local television. The young multi-hyphenate is a commercial and television actor, a model, and a host, having worked for big names like Channel News Asia, Singtel and DBS ever since he moved to Singapore from Melbourne. If you’ve ever met him, you’d instantly understand why the budding talent encapsulates BOSS Bottled’s Man of Today. Articulate, affable and confident, his fresh-faced looks belie a style and an attitude to life that is the dictionary definition of “go-getter”.

We chat with Yue to learn more about how he literally grapples with many roles on a day-to-day basis, and why he is the Man of Today.

BOSS Bottled man of today, Alexander Yue
Credit: Telescope/Lifestyle Asia

Tell us about how you ended up as an actor, model, and a host. Was this always your intended career path?

Growing up I was always involved in arts, music and performance at school but I never envisioned myself making a career out of it. When I first moved to Singapore, I was helping a friend sell cupcakes at a bakery. A production manager talent scouted me and soon after I was going to castings and landing jobs as a commercial model.

Beyond the trio that forms your job, are there any other pursuits that take up your time on a day-to-day basis?

One aspect of my life that must be included in my routine every day is fitness. I love to exercise and try to do something active every day. If I’m not exercising, I’m coaching and helping others achieve their fitness goals. Wellness and health come hand in hand with acting, modelling and hosting. Balancing many jobs can be quite physically and mentally taxing as it requires you to have a high level of endurance and strength.

BOSS Bottled man of today, Alexander Yue

Which of these facets do you enjoy the most or feel most comfortable with?

I’d definitely say I feel the deepest connection with acting. I love the process of getting handed a script and doing all the preparation and research to craft the character that I wish to portray. The ability to see my work instantly on set and receive feedback has been crucial in improving my skills as well.

Are there any principles in life that you live by?

I will always feel confident if I’m looking sharp, clean and fit. Style is subjective but everyone can take measures to improve these qualities, including having the knowledge on how to wear a suit well, getting your hair cut often, and going to the gym. I also believe in quality over everything; I invest in stylish evergreen pieces that I can wear for many seasons and that mix and match with my wardrobe.

How do you think you embody the Man of Today?

I believe that being a man in today’s world doesn’t mean that you have to constantly feel successful and strong. Masculinity is not being afraid to take chances and fail along the way as long as you’re striving to learn and be a better version of yourself. I embody this attitude in all aspects of my life inside and outside of work.

BOSS Bottled man of today, Alexander Yue
Credit: Telescope/Lifestyle Asia

Finally, out of the BOSS Bottled scents, which do you think best defines you and why?

If I had to pick one of the scents to define me it would be the BOSS Bottled Classic. I find that the scent is extremely versatile; it isn’t too light or too intense. My life is all about balancing work and play and adapting to whatever environment I’m thrust into, and BOSS Bottled does just that.

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This article was first published at Lifestyle Asia.

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