Edwin Hung is a man that plays many roles. Aside from being a prolific content creator on Instagram with a following of more than 160,000. Hang also has a full-time day job as an architect in Singapore. More broadly, Hung’s multi-faceted identity is exactly what BOSS defines as the Man of Today.

BOSS man of today, Edwin Hung
Credit: Telescope/Lifestye Asia

Freed of traditional masculine archetypes, the Man of Today abides by different rules altogether. He is someone that plays by the rules of integrity and respect, he holds his values close to heart and these inform his behaviour. Above it all, he embodies a vision of success that is not singular, but manifold. Chris Hemsworth, BOSS Bottled ambassador, is someone who embodies the Man of Today completely, given that he is both a blockbuster actor and devoted father. Hung, as well, characterises the Man of Today in his own unique way, therefore proving that the Man of Today does not abide to one definition.

We sat down with Hung to have a chat about what it means to be the Man of Today in his journey to success and how he juggles both business and leisure.

Why did you choose to become an architect? Was it always a passion for you?

I was influenced by my brother who is a civil and structural engineer. Since I did quite well in physics, mathematics and art in school — the three subjects needed to get into architectural school back in the day — he encouraged me to go down this career path. I was also always fascinated by futuristic buildings since I was a child, so this further kindled my interest.

Tell us about some projects you are particularly proud of at work.

I design mostly residences, and there was one at Swettenham Road that I take great pride in as it was a blend of futuristic and organic details. The design intention carried throughout the project, and it gained international recognition as well as awards.

How do you make time to create content on social media when you’re a full-time architect?

I try to strike a balance. During working hours and the weekdays, I focus on my main job. In the evenings or during the weekends, I create content for my social media channels and attend events.

What is a principle in life you live by?

If you fail, try again till you succeed. Quitting is not an option.

BOSS Man of today, Edwin Hung
Credit: Telescope/Lifestyle Asia

On a broader scale, how do you embody the Man of Today?

Being the Man of Today is more than just taking pride in all facets of my daily life. I think it also encompasses how I present myself to the world, and that’s why I believe good grooming habits are essential. In the past, masculinity was always associated with physical fitness, but I think it has evolved to include grooming too.

Which BOSS Bottled scent best defines you and brings out your confidence?

I definitely need an extra boost of confidence when dealing with clients or issues on sites. For that, the classic BOSS Bottled is the one I go to, and it also suits my everyday needs.

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This article was first published at Lifestyle Asia.

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