Dior has intensified their scent profile with the new Sauvage Elixir. Contrary to the recently released refillable Sauvage EDT, the new Elixir comes in a new case of midnight blue glass with a unique 60ml format. Styled like a phial, the Sauvage name is set in silver on a label hollowed out in the glass.

The fragrance is dedicated to men who have spent their whole lives dedicated to their craft. Said inspirations include Philippe Soguel, the French-lavender distiller who provides a polished, made-to-measure lavender of unrivalled quality for Dior Parfums and James Trussart- a crafter of steel bodied guitars prized by the greatest rock stars. However, the heart of Elixir comes from the duo of François Demachy and Johnny Depp, both a lover of notes albeit in different contexts.

An unprecedented concentration-equivalent to a strong, dense liquor with immediate impact-is the welcome Sauvage Elixir provides for connoisseurs. François Demachy has increased the volume and heightened its power with each note played precisely.

The Elixir interprets the iconic freshness of Sauvage, meticulously spiced to bring out the tailor-made lavender. Dior’s work with the ‘Bleu Provence’ distillery allowed for fresh notes to take on a remarkable, intense yet polished amplitude. François Demachy’s work with Philippe Soguel encompassed selecting different Lavender Augustfolia harvests at altitude. The freshness of the harvest coupled with a note of hay and a touch of vanilla results in a richer, more floral, and less aromatic scent.

The warmth of wood comes in the form of an amber accord, a powerful signature of Sauvage. It is all-enveloping and lines the base, heightened by a liquor-like, appetising note of licorice. Hatian Vetiver leaves its slightly earthy masculine imprint, which converses wonderfully with the juicy, tangy hint of lingering grapefruit.

A patchouli heart essence surrounds these notes, creating links between the eclectic woods. Distilled in a wood-fired still from the heart of a tropical Indonesian forest and transported to Grasse to undergo several rounds of fractional distillation, François was able to isolate facets and recompose a Dior signature made-to-measure patchouli. This in turn provides a modern accompaniment to the entwining swirls of a frankincense note; a perfect companion.

Overall, the complete and strong Sauvage Elixir is intoxicating on many levels, with layers of spice and freshness to ravish the senses.

(Images Dior)

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Alfieyah Abdullah

Alfieyah Abdullah has two vices. Her 30 bottle (and counting) collection of fragrances and an intense view on desserts.
Dior Sauvage Elixir Celebrates Exceptional Men Dedicated To Their Art

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