It is not uncommon for fashion houses to birth a beauty line. Oftentimes, these sub-entities are conceived to further the brand positioning and to provide “accessible luxury”. While fashion labels venturing into the realm of cosmetics isn’t necessarily ground-breaking, it saw success. Like most brands, Ermenegildo Zegna forayed into the beauty industry with fragrances, though, with an unconventional approach. Most recently, the Maison unveiled its new fragrance line, XXX, that mirrors the sartorial strategy of its runway designs. Exemplifying the boldest expressions of Zegna, XXX brings alive the feel of luxury, the same way Zegna runway designs proffer. As a brand that takes pride in its idiosyncrasies, uniqueness and unconventionality, one can expect the fragrance line to be anything but run-of-the-mill. In a bid to challenge conventional fragrance campaigns, Ermenegildo Zegna enlisted the help of three diverse modern men to represent the different scents in XXX. Model, singer, and songwriter Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis is one of the faces.

Pronounced as Triple Stitch, the collection is named after the Maison’s signature stitch design. It sees three multidimensional scents — Verdigris, Cyprium, and Charcoal — formulated with natural ingredients that dance with disruptive accords like icy winter, fiery lava, and sleek carbon, encapsulated in unique melting glass bottles.

To highlight its intent to encourage all to break the mould and take charge of their destiny, Lewis shares with us how he feels empowered with the new fragrance line.

What do you love about the new Ermenegildo Zegna fragrance collection, XXX?

I love that all of my favourite scents are combined in these three new fragrances. I’ve always gravitated towards woody, peppery and spicy scents and I’m a big fan of fragrances that resemble nature and are drawn from essential oils. These fragrances are bold and empowering, with lovely subtleties.

Do you have a favourite? What notes are you drawn to?

My favourite fragrance from the new collection would have to be Cyprium. I’m a big fan of cedarwood, it reminds me of traditional Scandinavian saunas (which are built from this same wood), being surrounded by nature or in a forest as well as being one of the essential oils that I use for my meditations. It brings me peace of mind and puts me in a calm, relaxed state.

What about the fragrance is unconventional and unexpected?

Each fragrance mixes a natural and metallic accord together creating this unique scent. Verdigris showcases cardamom essential oil and icy winter accord, cyprium highlights cedarwood atlas with a fiery lava accord and charcoal is when saffron meets a mineral carbon accord.

When and where are you wearing XXX?

Verdigris – on a date, I feel like it brings out and complements my sensitive side.
Cyprium- on a daily basis as it brings me the power and peace that I draw from nature.
Charcoal – when I’m looking to stand out and leave a memorable impression.

How was shooting the campaign? What was the atmosphere on set?

This campaign was so much fun! The energy was electric. Shooting this felt cinematic in many ways, and very physical! I got a chance to be my eccentric self and was dancing, jumping around and (literally) bouncing off the special FX wall that they built for this set. I will never forget this experience.

How do you identify with the messaging of the campaign (Breaking the Mould)?

To me, breaking the mould is being my authentic self! Not being what everyone expects me to be and conforming to societal norms. Breaking the mould gives me a true sense of freedom.

Can you share an example of where you broke the mould and did something differently?

I think my decision to cover my body in tattoos as a form of self expression is something that sets me apart from a lot of people, especially in the fashion industry. People were always advising against it because they thought it would interfere with work opportunities, but I think that it makes me stand out in a lot of ways that are true to me as an individual.

Available at Ermenegildo Zegna Boutiques, Metro Paragon, Tangs Vivo City and BHG Bugis for $285 per bottle, XXX acts as the multidimensional facet completing one’s entire outfit while eliciting the confidence within. With a vision to inspire and embolden the discerning and modern man, you too can break the mould like Lewis and rise to the occasion with these olfactory portraits.


Photography: Franz Navarrete
Assistance: Yann Cloitre
Grooming: Zoel Tee
Stylist: Amos Chin
Model: Aaron Kiss / Mannequin Studio
Wardrobe: Ermenegildo Zegna XXX
Thumbnail and Header Photo: Ermenegildo Zegna

written by.
Amos Chin
Fashion and beauty aficionado by day; idiosyncratic (I think) Spotify Playlist Curator by night. Knows a thing or two about tattoos.

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