AS the quality of life gets better, people are aging more gracefully, and the majority of the folks are living longer, most, well into their 60s. It also means you’ll be working more, and well past the retirement age. You want a substantial bank account when you eventually do quit. It’s a growing trend.

In fact, 14 countries — including Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, and Ireland — are planning to increase their retirement ages to between 67 and 69 by 2050 (according to the Washington Post). Here in Singapore the retirement age was pushed to 67 up from 65 a year ago. In other words, you’ll also be competing for work or promotion with the younger generation of workers, like the generation Y or even Z. So how do you stay relevant and compete with the younger tech-savvy, energetic, and competitive bunch? Here are five quick tips.

Quality, not quantity

According to Forbes, clocking in the extra hours doesn’t equate to a better outcome. Reach into your years of work experience and problem-solving skills and look deeper into the problem to create a solution and deliver above expectation.

“Make it a priority to exceed deliverables with valued insights and outcomes. Your reputation as a dependable, qualified worker will certainly start to outshine those who work long but produce less,” said Adrienne Tom, Multi-Award-Winning Certified Executive Resume Master, Interview Coach, and Employment Strategist.

Tune in to the latest technologies

FlexPai – a full-featured Android smartphone that can operate in both ‘tent mode’ and tablet mode

No surprise, the younger generations grew up with computers, iPads, smartphones. It’s time you got a good hang of those. It’s also a vital skill to have. Look around, we are surrounded by technology. Every industry requires technology and software to operate, and internet skill is vital.

Think outside of the box

You don’t lose your creativity as you age, or vice versa. When you hear the bosses pointing to the younger employees for bringing creative ideas to the workplace, it’s doesn’t mean the older executives are uninventive or predictable. It’s more likely they’ve become complacent. Being in the same profession for years, they’ve fallen into a routine and the familiar mindset of “playing it safe”. So, start thinking outside the box, and be creative.

Dress code

Outfit by Mr.P by Mr. Porter

Even the banking industry is shaking things up. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. now lets their workers wear business-casual clothing to work instead of the once de rigueur suits (as reported by the Wall Street Journal).

“In a highly competitive job market, companies are trying to be more creative about how they attract people,” shared Brandi Britton, JP. Morgan Chase & Co. OfficeTeam’s district president in Los Angeles. Britton has a point, the younger generations take up 60% of the workforce, you need to know how to reach out to them.

“One of the very appealing things to a millennial is a casual dress code,” Britton explained. So, loosen up, trade your 3-piece suits and square toes dress shoes in for some sporty blazers and a nice pair of sneakers from Mr. Porter.

Best Face Forward

Whether it’s a job interview or getting down to seal a deal, put your best face forward.

“Increasingly clients are getting younger and younger, they want to work with experienced people, but not people who look like their parents,” Renato, 40, told CNBC. So dress well and look your best.

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