Lab Series’ holiday gift sets out on display at Straits Clan. Photo: AUGUSTMAN

Christmas is upon us and Lab Series recently launched six holiday sets to help us make gifting that much easier. We had to share this news with our readers and friends. So we had them gather at Straits Clan to get them acquainted with the sets while giving them an insightful lesson on skincare and grooming.

Esteemed guests getting educated about Lab Series products by the brand’s representative. Photo: AUGUSTMAN

They mingled upon arrival before Lab Series representatives walked them through all of the brand’s products, highlighting each of their unique functions and how the brand has cleverly grouped the holiday sets to address specific skin issues. We made sure they knew the differences between the Rescue Water Lotion and the Max LS Power V Lifting Lotion, for example, before moving to the next segment.

Kahoots winner, Alan Cheung with senior writer, Syed Zulfadhli. Photo: AUGUSTMAN

And what better way to test their knowledge than with a game of Kahoots? With information freshly etched in their minds, the guys expectedly did well in this theory test. However, only one could be the winner… and that is Alan Cheung, who walked away with the prize.

The packing challenge winners. Photo: AUGUSTMAN

The next segment was the event’s “practical lesson” where a packing challenge ensued. The guys were grouped at random, each presented with a row of Lab Series’ full range of products. They were then challenged to pack according to the holiday destination that was flashed on screen. Heading to Switzerland for a ski trip? Hydration is the key to your skin combat cold and dry climates. Thinking of heading to Thailand for Wonderfruit? Make sure purifying products are in your toiletry pouch. Sounds easy? Not while under the pressure of a short time frame. After several hits and misses, the winning group was announced and they proudly walked away with a prize.

Guests walked away with a pouch with Lab Series products. Photo: AUGUSTMAN

But we believe that everyone is a winner, of course. Before wrapping up, guests were handed a set of Lab Series products to walk away with. Check out the video below to see what you missed out on.

Special thanks to: Straits Clan

written by.
Syed Zulfadhli
Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.

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