Over the years, men’s grooming products have become more and more complicated. We get it, you just want to wash your face, clean your torso and perhaps put on the occasional mask when no one’s around. So we’ve cut through the noise to bring to you the best grooming products for your weekend warrior lifestyle.

If you reckon you’re a Night Owl or a Frequent Flier, we have you sorted. We’re also giving away some of the featured grooming products over at grooming.augustman.com, so make haste. You’ll require the promotional code within the June issue, so go grab one at the bookstore. It’s a good read, if we do say so ourselves.

(products are in opening picture above)

1. John Varvatos Artisan Blu Fragrance
Spritz in the morning

If you’ve ever wanted to smell like the fresh Mediterranean ocean breeze in salty Singapore, spray this on your pulse points. Long lasting despite the weather, this fragrance is light and perfect for the mornings and afternoons whether you’re going to brunch or a tennis game. $129

2. IDS Non-tinted Sunscreen SPF50
Protect your face

The number one cause for premature ageing is the sun, so you would do well to put on this long-lasting, non-sticky sunscreen on your face before heading out for your match. It stubbornly stays on even when you’re sweating your face off scoring goals. Bonus: No tint, for the pale-skinned. $72

3. Dior Sauvage Alcohol-free Stick Deodorant
Keep your pits fresh

Available either as a stick or spray, Dior’s Sauvage deodorant is gentler than the fragrance and kept us invigorated while feeling like Johnny Depp, which is never a bad thing. The packaging adds to its appeal. Whether pre- or post-workout, it was the first thing we put on after a shower. $44

4. Lab Series Ab Rescue Body Sculpting Gel
Flaunt your hard work

We were initially sceptical of this product but after using it a couple of times, we did notice increased definition at our abs. It’s not a panacea for a flabby stomach and neither are effects immediate but if you’ve been diligent at the gym, it certainly makes your efforts more noticeable. $76

5. Kevin.Murphy Stimulate-Me Shampoo and Conditioner Set
Clean your scalp

They put a bunch of strange ingredients (camphor, black pepper, etc.) in this but it works like magic, especially in our humid weather. Scalp feels minty and clean. $40

6. Shiseido Men Hydro Master Gel
Moisturise your skin

The first thing to go after a long game under the sun is moisture. So keep your skin hydrated with this lightweight gem from Shiseido that takes up almost no space in your gym bag. $56

7. Kiehl’s Body Fuel All-in-One Energising Wash
Wash the grime off

Sometimes you’re too lazy to bring out all the bathroom gear to the gym. That’s why we love this multi-purpose Kiehl’s product, which works as a body wash, shampoo and facial cleanser. Plus it’s paraben-free. $39

8. Dunhill Desire Silver Fragrance
Smell good after the game

There’s no excuse to smell like something the dog dragged in after your workout. This dunhill number has a great clean scent that is zesty on first application but settles down after a few hours into something dark and masculine. $112

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Grooming Awards 2016 – For the Active Dude
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