Over the years, men’s grooming products have become more and more complicated. We get it, you just want to wash your face, clean your torso and perhaps put on the occasional mask when no one’s around. So we’ve cut through the noise to bring to you the best grooming products for your night owl lifestyle, whether you’re a party animal or workaholic.

If you reckon you’re a Frequent Flier or an Active Dude, we have you sorted. We’re also giving away some of the featured grooming products over at grooming.augustman.com, so make haste. You’ll require the promotional code within the June issue, so go grab one at the bookstore. It’s a good read, if we do say so ourselves.

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1. Sulwhasoo Men Inner Charging serum
Regenerate after a long night

Those late nights in the office isn’t doing your skin any good. This serum, which is packed with Korean herbs, acts as toner and serum, delivering a jolt of hydration while making sure you look fresh-faced. poa

2. Biotherm Homme Total Recharge Gel Moisturiser
Energise for the morning after

Great for rejuvenating your skin, this moisturiser seriously makes you look as though you slept through the night even though you were up partying. You’re all set for that important morning presentation. $81

3. Mr Burberry Fragrance
Wear this for sensual evenings

Starting out like a classic men’s barbershop cologne before settling into something quite deep and sexy, this new British fragrance is definitely one for the restaurants and bars. A quick tip: spritz this on your sheets too if someone special is staying the night. $125

4. Kiehl’s Powerful-strength Line-reducing Eye-brightening Concentrate
Save your peepers

Eye bags and dark circles only look cute on pandas. If you’re constantly racking up sleep debt, invest in this bottle from Kiehl’s. It’s gentle on the skin and packs a large dose of vitamin C. It was effective at lightening our dark circles after a string of late nights at the office. $75

5. L’occitan eau de toilette
Start conversations

It’s rare that you get lavender in men’s scents but we must say that it worked for this particular fragrance. This coupled with the heavy spice certainly garnered a few complimentary remarks at our usual watering holes. $85

6. SK-II Men Facial Treatment Essence
Use this religiously

It can be difficult to stick to a grooming regime. Skip a few steps when you need, but trust us when we tell you not to leave this out. The effects are clearly noticeable and keeps your face fresh despite the long nights. $99

7. Muhle Shaving Set
Pamper yourself 

There’s nothing more therapeutic than shaving in the morning. Elevate your experience with this beautiful kit that contains everything you need – badger brush, traditional razor, stand and bowl. $259

8. Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade
Tame your wild mane

You could be standing in a hurricane and your hair won’t budge an inch with this pomade. Yet it’s light and malleable to work with. If you’re looking for something shiny, this isn’t it. But you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you don’t try this out at least once. $33

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