Best Lip Balm: Tom Ford

Unless you have dry lips, lip balms in humid weather can be a bit of a hindrance. But at winter’s worst, lips need all the help they can get. We suggest Tom Ford. This blend of natural oils, vitamins and butters seals in all the moisture so you don’t need to keep reapplying.

$50, Tom Ford 

Best Sunscreen: The Body Shop

Fact: Even the smallest bit of sun exposure can break down collagen and lead to wrinkles. And you don’t want that. So dab on a little of The Body Shop’s Skin Defence. At SPF 50, it gives you a solid 98 per cent coverage from harmful rays.

$34.90, The Body Shop 

Best Skin Supplement: Ceramiracle

We cannot stress enough that a healthy diet is what’s integral to good skin. But also consider a month’s supply of First Light Ceramides, trusty supplements proved to boost skin moisture and elasticity. You can soon wipe that wrinkle off your face.

$89, Ceramiracle 

Best Toner: Porcelain

Toners are an important step after cleansing. They soak up the residue left over from your cleanser and munch on acne-causing stubborn sebum. Porcelain’s Deep Hydrating Lotion packs a punch with rose oils, vitamins E and B5, sans the alcohol, which can really mess with dry skin.   

$69, Porcelain

Best Face Mask: Origins

Men are generally fine with scrubs and lotions but sheet masks tend to be where they draw the line. No need to forgo the benefits of masking altogether though. This Active Charcoal Mask is a good start. Smear it on and kick those toxins out from the comfort of your couch

$50, Origins 

Best Serum: IDS Skincare

Vitamin C is a potent form of age-defense for the skin. It usually doesn’t come cheap, but its role in collagen synthesis makes it an essential in your skincare regimen. It is also known to help prevent and repair sun-damaged skin. Try this if you notice pigmentation spots appearing on your mien

$150, IDS Skincare 

Best Blackhead Remover: RAS

You know those strips designed to yank the muck out of your nose? They don’t really treat the root of the problem – oil, dirt and dead skin cells. You’re better off exfoliating and then applying RAS Black Magic, a gel that erases those tiny black culprits with greater ease

$29, Sasa

Best Overnight Facial Mask: Allies of Skin

For the self-conscious man who is too embarrassed to go for facials, this nails it. Apply it for no more than three nights in a row and watch the magic happen. A potent high molecular weight hyaluronic acid gel offers the results of a solid facial at the spa.

$159, Allies of Skin

Best Eye Cream: Philosophy

The thin skin that surrounds your eyes might be the hardest place to hide your vices. Drink, smoke or a Netflix overdose, and your eyes are going to look dull and sunken. Philosophy’s Take a Deep Breath, featuring clean-air tech, works wonders while you sleep.

$50, Philosophy 

Main photo: Natsuko Teruya

Styling: Chia Wei Choong

written by.
Grooming Awards: Best Facial Products

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