IF you have been leaving the house every morning without grooming your mane, you haven’t checked yourself in the mirror enough. It’s time to give it a second look before stepping out that door. Bear this in mind – it’s not narcissism if people agree that your hair grooming routine is on point. You should be on a mission to become the best version of yourself – so having bad hair is not an option.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
The Infinite Ripple look by We Need A Hero

If you believe good hair comes only with good genes, chuck that defeatist attitude out of the window. That does not spark joy, and cannot be further from the truth. Only lazy men can’t ensure good hair, so it’s time to put in the extra effort in your hair grooming.


What shampoo does: it strips away the dirt and oil in your hair. The sebum created by your scalp actually nourishes your hair follicles, keeping them soft and healthy; that means shampoo-ing too often will not be good for you. A little build-up of the natural oils also makes it easier for you to style your hair.

However, if you have your workouts on a regular, a good tip will be to line up your gym sessions with shampoo days.

The only exception to this rule is if you have an oily scalp. How to tell: Excess oil production will lead to a quick build-up of dandruff. If this is you, it is okay to wash your mop of hair every day; you wouldn’t want it to look like a greasy slip-and-slide.


Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
IGK Bad & Bougie Deep Repair Shampoo

The Bad & Bougie Deep Repair Shampoo by IGK is formulated with amla oil for nourishment and shine. It deeply repairs dry, damaged, colour or chemical-treated hair without leaving hair greasy or weighed down; great for the guys who have dyed their hair.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
Aesop Classic Shampoo

Aesop’s Classic Shampoo is all about a mild formulation that blends oils of cedarwood bark and juniper berry to cleanse your hair thoroughly, while the hydrolysed vegetable protein hydrates and softens it. If you are new to hair grooming and don’t know where to begin, this is a good choice for you.


What you can use every day in your hair grooming routine is a handy conditioner. These help smooth the hair, increase its shine and make it smooth to the touch. It also rehydrates your hair and puts back the lost minerals in your hair after a shampoo. This is doubly critical to hair health if you use a blow-dryer often.

However, if you have a buzzcut or a hair length of less than an inch, using the conditioner once or twice a week will be more than enough, because new hair near the scalp does not need much restoration.

Likewise, guys with oily scalp should refrain from daily use, since their increased oil production already acts as a moisturiser.

If all else fails, use this rule of thumb: Condition every day, shampoo every other day.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
Aesop Classic Conditioner

Aesop’s Classic Conditioner consists of botanical oils with hydrating and hair-softening properties, blended with hydrolysed vegetable proteins to nourish, hydrate, disentangle and smooth hair.

Crafting your hairdo

Men with a shorter length of hair do not have less fun. From sporting the Infinite Ripple to rocking a sixties’ Beatles-inspired Mueller – the sky is the limit, but you need to know the right styling tools to help you get the desired look.

You may reach for that old-school gel in your cupboard that you have had for many years, but there is no one-size-fits-all hair product. If you didn’t know that, well, we’re glad you are here.

The style you want to wear now may be different from the next one you wish to have, so it is important to know what product works best for your intended look, be it wax, clay, styling cream or hair spray. Get this nailed down in your hair grooming routine and you can show up to work every day looking like Michael Ross in Suits. It’s the dream.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
The Mueller Look by We Need A Hero


Wax is very practical for short hair (around three inches). While adding texture, it holds your hair’s position when applied from the roots. This Creative Cream Wax from Kiehl’s Stylist Series is a non-greasy cream-wax, formulated for easy application and optimum sculpting.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
Kiehl’s Stylist Series Creative Cream Wax


The uses of clay can be very versatile. Ranging from thick to creamy, the hold and shine are increased when you apply it on damp hair (as compared to dry hair). However, it isn’t very moldable, so make sure whatever event you’re heading to next doesn’t mess up your hairdo.

This Kiehl’s Texturizing Clay with Moroccan Lava Clay will help you work through your hair to shape and define, with essential oil blends to leave a woody, aromatic scent consisting of cedarwood, sandalwood and eucalyptus.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
Kiehl’s Texturizing Clay

Styling Cream

Styling creams are recommended for dudes with long hair (longer than 3 inches).

Using one will feel like you’re applying nothing at all, as these creams are lightweight and merely get rid of bed head. This styling cream from Vernon François is especially beneficial for those with natural curls – it has light hold and eliminates frizz, thus giving your hair a perfectly natural and effortless look.


Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
Vernon François Styling Cream

Hair Spray

This should be left as the last step to your hair grooming routine. Out there, the strong winds in the great outdoors will be your worst enemy, threatening to topple your dreams of a Great Gatsby hair day. To ensure your hair stays on fleek the rest of the day, a good hair spray will get the job done.

Hair Grooming 101: Tips men must know
Percy & Reed Beyond The Beach Texture Spray

With each spritz, concocted with pro-vitamin B5 and Cornish sea salt, say hello to those wholesome, wondrous waves with Percy & Reed’s Beyond The Beach Texture Spray.


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Hair Grooming 101: The 7 things men must know
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