When guys take their feet out from their Tod’s and Berlutis, the results are more often than not uninspiring. Possibly even gross. Your feet should be as important as your self-esteem, so here are a few solutions to help you put your best foot forward.      

Callused feet

There is good reason for the layers of thick, hardened skin that develop on the soles of your feet. Its purpose is to protect your soles from nasty objects like rocks, dirt and broken glass. But, wait, how often do you plan to walk barefoot on broken glass? We didn’t think so. 

To get your feet in the best condition possible, you could use a pumice stone and some heavy-duty lotion, but there are other ways to get rid of calluses naturally. 

Soak a small slice of bread in apple cider vinegar for about 12 hours. This will form a paste. Before heading to bed, smear some paste onto your callus, secure it with a bandage and be surprised the next morning.  

Stinky feet

If you have got some next-level funk wafting up from between the toes, wearing socks isn’t going to help it. Seek a dermatologist or podiatrist. It could be as simple as a case of excessive sweat or gunk taking up residence between the toes. Sweat itself doesn’t smell, but the bacteria and fungus that this distinctive odour comes from can be present in sweat. 

Help yourself to some tea tree oil or soak your feet in salt water, vinegar solution or tea to zap the germs. Otherwise, improve your diet with vitamin B complex.

Sweaty feet

Chances are, you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis. It’s not that big a deal, but instead of turning the floor into a Slip-n-Slide, wash your feet thoroughly, and with antibacterial soap. You could also wear synthetic socks in place of cotton – they wick the sweat away – or in serious cases, get a botox injection.

Ugly feet

Relinquish your outdated notions of beauticians. Men can, and should, go for pedicures. They’re therapeutic and make your feet look and feel a lot better, especially if you’ve been on your feet for hours at a time. 

You can always do it yourself but we prefer to pay someone to do the deed. We recommend giving Bastien’s Pedicure at the Remède Spa at The St Regis a go. The 60-minute session comes with a nail and skin treatment, and a massage from the legs down to your toes, all for $195. Then there’s another solution: fish spa

What you should invest in

If your toenails have gone thick and yellow, you probably have nail fungus.There’s a way to remedy it. Go to The Body Shop and grab some tea tree oil. Naturally antiseptic and fungicidal, it’ll clear it up when applied twice a day on your toenails. 

The Victorinox nail clip 580 is a Swiss Army pocket knife, but it’s also a file, grime cleaner and nail clipper. Attach it to your keychain and carry it around with you. It’ll come in handy whether you are out in the wilderness or wandering around dark alleys.  

Foot melanoma has got more common since the birth of the flip-flop. Skin cancer can appear anywhere on the foot so don’t forget to protect your tootsies. Try Supergoop’s super power sunscreen mousse. It’s light as air, water-resistant and eliminates the ickiness of wearing sunscreen. 

Credit: Cristian Newman (main photo)

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How To Put Your Best Foot Forward
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