In this unapologetic-wanting-to-look-your-best era, there are cosmetic tools for almost anything. Some make men in their 50s look like they’re in the 40s, and the 40s look more like 30s. Better yet, the current array of treatments make you look like you’ve aged well, not looking like it’s been overdone and overstretched. They are not the “paralyse every facial muscle and render any expression impossible” kind of treatments you’ve been told to avoid. No, they are subtle, in most cases resulting in minimal or no discomfort, and above all they make you look natural.

We are in the golden era of manity (man + vanity). Aesthetic clinics everywhere are seeing a significant growth in the number of men fixing their faces. It’s a booming business. Men make up approximately one-third of aesthetic procedures done worldwide today.

“The profile of patients that we are seeing have changed dramatically over the past 10 years,” Dr. Chua Han Boon of Medical Consultant at SW1 Clinic quips. “A decade ago, we were seeing one man for every 25 women, which is about four per cent. Now, it’s more like one man for every five women.”

So, what are men getting done? Here’re a few quick picker-uppers, painless and non-invasive treatments, to put your best face forward.

The “Red Carpet” Treatment

The Baby Drop filler is one of the most talked-about “red-carpet” procedures today. It’s quick and effective. It’s ideal for those who’re not looking for drastic changes, but enough to make you look well rested and refresh.

Using a special ‘designer’ needle – smaller than your hair follicle – filled with skin-boosting ingredients including natural hyaluronic acid (HLA) filler such as Restylane Vital and Juvederm Refine that work wonders. There’s little or no discomfort, with minimal to no downtime depending on your skin type. Skin-booster treatments like the Baby Drop Fillers are popular because it leaves your skin looking hydrated, supple and radiant even days after the treatment. In most cases, the result lasted over a week. (1 session is  S$1000 at SW1 Clinic 290 Orchard Road | #13-01 Paragon | Singapore 238859)

The Mane Concern

Looking your best doesn’t stop at your face. Just like your skin, the hair (scalp) needs taking care of. The Revitascalp at SW1 Clinic uses selected nutrients such as vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and clinically proven minoxidil to stimulate and support a healthy growth of hair while inhibiting the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), commonly associated with pubertal changes and baldness in men. (1 session is S$200.00 at SW1 Clinic 290 Orchard Road | #13-01 Paragon | Singapore 238859)

Lighten Up!

If you want results of an aesthetic procedure with the comfort of a relaxing facial, the folks at SW1 Clinic recommend the Illumi-facial. A great treatment for first-timer, the relaxing and painless procedure uses a combination of intense pulsed light therapy to tighten your skin while a combination of advance facial serums and facial masks help to replenish the nutrients of your skin. The result is firmer and brighter complexion. There’s no downtime or any discomfort with visible result. Recommended for ageing, dull and even pigmented skin types. (1 session is S$500.00 at SW1 Clinic 290 Orchard Road | #13-01 Paragon | Singapore 238859) 

“With new generations entering the workforce, bosses are getting younger. Many of today’s leaders in fintech, startups and the like, are in their 30s to early 40s. Being the public face of their operations mean that they are also looking for incremental and discreet ways to look less tired and haggard.”

– Dr. Chua Han Boon
Medical Consultant at SW1 Clinic

Firm Up!

24K Uplift is a hybrid facial treatment that combines clinical ultrasound skin lifting technology with cold laser for toning skin with facial indulgences. Using cutting-edge technology, the treatment yields immediate results, with visible firming of the skin. Ultrasound technology in aesthetic procedures is not new, and it’s been proven to improve your skin laxity and firming, but the new improved equipment is fuss-free and painless.

Patients continues to enjoy the effect weeks after the treatment. In the second part of the 24K Uplift facial, the technician at SW1 clinic uses a skin aqua-dermabrasion system to exfoliate dead skin follow by a blend of concentrated serum infused into your skin to hydrate and revitalize the complexion. (1 session is S$500.00 at SW1 Clinic 290 Orchard Road | #13-01 Paragon | Singapore 238859) 

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