Gucci Guilty Eau

New Fragrances for your Consideration: Gucci, Kenzo and Club Code Deco-am_il_v1001_i_c38965ae6ab92b17a1a2d4a8663ca5cd86_77c1bd7c39998f5871474ce97da6be4c17

Clad in weighty gunmetal and light grey glass, the new Gucci Guilty Eau smells like the start of a cold spring evening in the city, when folks are just leaving their offices to head to the bars and restaurants. It’s the smell of dangerous liaisons, of two strangers hitting it off in the clubs before dancing the night away. Sure, there are tinges of floral notes interspersed with burning wood and robust charcoal, but this is the classic Gucci scent you’ve come to know and love – that bad-boy charisma that every lady knows is bad for her but still can’t resist.

Best for: Nights at the clubs and bars, when you’re wearing a white dress shirt unbuttoned to your chest

Kenzo Homme EDP

New Fragrances for your Consideration: Gucci, Kenzo and Club Code Deco-am_il_v1001_i_3959b046f6674ed97f5a81753d6333fd90_621166aa60352144aae7d778b997eaf992

This new fragrance from the luxury house Kenzo is visually striking. The bottle, curved just so, reminds you of the ocean horizon, where the crystalline waters meet the stunning blue sky. It’s the creation of multi-disciplinary artist Serge Mansau, whose work is unmatched in the world of fragrances. The smell itself reminds you of the fresh oceans, a salty sea breeze that whips your hair around while you’re standing on the helm of a yacht. It’s the scent of dawn, the start of a new day filled with promise before sinking into the confidence of a man who knows exactly where he’s heading to and what he’s doing with his life.

Best for: Seafood brunches by the beach in a pair of loafers and tailored swim shorts

Club Code Deco

New Fragrances for your Consideration: Gucci, Kenzo and Club Code Deco-am_il_v1001_i_e3e05080a74df2f49dea490f37a9cce503_bdaad25f46082c1241fde1684deb3d5652

An exclusive fragrance club for the self-assured men, Club Code Deco is the brainchild of Gauri Garodia, who once plied her trade in the fragrance industry with the top brands before branching out to start this Singapore-based perfumery. It’s a subscription service ($45 a month) for people who don’t want to stick to one fragrance for six months to a year and would rather explore and try on different fragrances. You get four different scents each month to try out. Give your thoughts and feedback and Garodia will tailor each subsequent package to suit your olfactory palette.

Best for: Adventurous men who looking to adopt different identities throughout the year

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