Porcelain's CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment
Photography: Simon Sim

AUGUSTMAN A-Lister Paulo Atienza is one busy man. So we whisked the global head of marketing of a multinational company from his packed schedule to be pampered with Porcelain’s CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment.

“My skin gets super dehydrated after every flight,” lamented Atienza, who just touched down from his third business trip for the week. “It’s feels flakey and appears dull if I don’t moisturise. You’d think my skin would have adjusted after 15 years of flying between international offices, but no, especially since I’m also not getting any younger,” he added.

We turned to our friends at Porcelain for suggestions. The facial spa has a wide array of scientifically-backed solutions for various skin woes. In Atienza’s case, Porcelain’s CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment looks to be the best solution, as it will lift, hydrate and brighten his skin. Many facials offer similar benefits but what sets this one apart is the use of a carboxy mask. This key step stimulates blood circulation and collagen production more effectively than others.

We booked Atienza for an appointment during one of his rare pockets of free time.

Porcelain's CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment
Photography: Simon Sim

After a quick registration, Atienza had his skin analysed by a Porcelain ambassador. In the consultation room, the well-trained staff had a conversation to understand Atienza’s lifestyle before whipping out a skin-analyzing device. She simply ran it across various parts of his skin before the results instantaneously flashed across a screen on her desk. As suspected, his skin is indeed dry and dehydrated due to frequent flights. And despite his best preventative efforts, the device revealed the appearance of fine lines and mild age spots too. With all that information collected, the ambassador could tailor a customized serum to suit his skin needs in one of the treatment steps.

Paulo Atienza Tries Out Porcelain's CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment
Photography: Simon Sim

Once the analysis is done, Atienza was brought to the treatment room where the CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment was carried out. There, Atienza was introduced to a therapist who expertly carried out the necessary steps for the treatment. They include:

  • Double Cleansing
  • The cleansing ritual begins with a makeup remover to dissolve stubborn sunscreen, grime, and sebum. This is then followed by a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining residue.
  • CO2 Treatment
  • A topical gel is applied evenly on Atienza’s face. This is then followed by a carboxy mask which produces effervescence where the Bohr effect takes place. This exchange between carbon dioxide and oxygen promotes blood circulation and collagen production which refreshes and revitalizes fatigued skin.
  • “This part was interesting,” shared Atienza. “I felt tingling and a warm sensation, but it wasn’t anything that’s uncomfortable,” he added.
  • Cryoprobe Facial Massage
  • Here, the customized serum was applied to Atienza’s skin. A cryoprobe was then used to gently and effectively massage the nutrients into his skin through microcurrents. Simple massage techniques also induce a detoxification effect which both de-puffs and sculpts.
  • “This was a super relaxing step. I think I might have dozed off here,” Atienza commented with a chuckle.
  • Sheet Mask
  • Right after the relaxing treatment, Atienza experienced another moment of pampering. A bio-cellulose mask soaked in a hydrating enzyme concoction was applied to Atienza’s face while he was blissfully resting. The hydrating ingredients injected a surge of hydration to Atienza’s parched skin cells while the enzymes worked to brighten and clarify any unsightly hyperpigmentation spots.
  • Moisturise and Protect
  • To lock in all the goodness that was introduced in the treatment into his skin, a customized moisturizer was evenly applied on to Atienza’s skin. This was followed by sun protection to filter any harmful UV rays from damaging his freshly revitalized skin. This was when Atienza had to literally be woken up from his beauty sleep.
Paulo Atienza looks super-fresh after Porcelain's CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment
Photography: Simon Sim

After the blissful hour-long treatment, Atienza stepped out of the treatment room looking fresher than ever. His skin was positively radiant and more lifted.

“As much as I didn’t really mind how my skin appeared, I also didn’t realize that my skin could look this good,” Atienza commented when he looked in the mirror. “This is really beneficial for those who are frequently putting their faces forward whether it’s at meetings or hosting events. Anyone with their wedding day around the corner will also appreciate the benefits of this treatment,” he added.

As to whether he will return for more, Atienza responded positively. He adjourned to his next appointment with confidence, walking out of Porcelain Origins‘ compound with a crystal clear complexion and the glow of a satisfied customer on his face.


The CO2 Skin Renewal Treatment is available at $298.50 (includes GST) at selected Porcelain Spa locations. Visit www.porcelainskin.com for more information. 



Produced by: Syed Zulfadhli

Photography: Simon Sim

Location: Porcelain Origins

Special thanks to: Paulo Atienza and Porcelain Origins staff

written by.

Syed Zulfadhli

Syed Zulfadhli knows a thing or two... thousand about skincare and grooming.

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