Fine lines, dark eye circles, sagging eye lids and tired eyes. What if there was a way to refresh and revitalise your eyes in an instant? Well, with RevitalEyes Concentrate, you may just get your wish.

Porcelain‘s RevitalEyes Concentrate is a unique 2-in-1 eye concentrate supercharged with a built in smart massaging device that utilises the dynamic duo of high frequency micro vibrations and micro currents. Expertly formulated with clinically proven ingredients and multi action botanical extracts, the lightweight eye gel penetrates deeply for instant relief of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.

RevitalEyes Concentrate massage
RevitalEyes Concentrate’s formula restores youth and lost nights of sleep for refreshed eyes

With regular day and night usage, it can stimulate the eye meridians and revitalise the eyes in accordance with the body’s natural clock (also known as its Circadian Rhythm), for a more youthful appearance.

Instant One Touch Eye Awakening

RevitalEyes Concentrate is fuelled by six supercharged ingredients, which help soothe and refresh the areas around your eyes. Biophytex™, extracted from a blend of botanicals reactivates microcirculation and strengthens blood vessels for lightened dark eye circles.

Beautifeye™ derived from Persian Silk Tree works to combat glycation, a process where collagen and elastin is broken down. This effectively lifts saggy eyelids, lightens dark eye circles and reduces puffiness. Matrixyl™, which is a specially advanced ingredient consisting of a matrix of five peptides, works to reduce depth and length of wrinkles with consistent use.

RevitalEyes Concentrate
Achieve eye-awakening results in an instant

Niacinamide on the other hand, works to strengthen the resilience of skin. It not only helps reduce sensitivity in delicate areas but also aids in reducing melanin production. To boost your skin’s energy and to protect against UV stressors, there is Revitalin®. At night, it switches to a reparative function, which helps increase skin renewal.

Lastly, caffeine helps depuff the eye area and reduce water retention, leaving your eyes looking fresh and revitalised. Both niacinamide and caffeine are included at clinically proven effective dosages of 5 percent. Combined, RevitalEyes Concentrate offers a lightweight, easily absorbed formula that works perfectly to prime eyes for a youthful look.

Easy To Use & Effective

The beauty of RevitalEyes Concentrate is that it comes paired with a 2-in-1 smart switchless massaging device. With over 3,000 high frequency micro vibrations per minute, it not only enhances product absorption but also promotes cellular metabolism to improve the skin’s natural protection against UV stress. With improved circulation, dark eye circles will be a thing of the past.

Treat your eyes to a revitalizing acupoint massage

Additionally, micro-current technology utilises our body’s natural circulation to encourage elastin repair and penetrate the potent formula’s nutrients deep into skin. When high frequency vibrations are paired with microcurrents, it helps to also tone muscles under the skin and promote collagen production. Best of all RevitalEyes Concentrate arrives in a switchless device that uses inductive start-up.

Another benefit of the product is its multiple uses. Looking to give your eyes a refreshing mid day boost? Simply activate the massaging device for a quick 1-minute acupressure massage.

RevitalEyes Concentrate’s potent formulation is paired with a one-of-a-kind massaging device that delivers instant eye-awakening results

Users can also choose to gently squeeze product onto their fingers and apply around the eyes with a light tapping motion until it’s fully absorbed. Regardless of which you choose, RevitalEyes Concentrate will leave you with refreshed, youthful looking eyes in no time at all.

RevitalEyes Concentrate is available at all Porcelain Spas, and selected e-commerce marketplaces.

(Images: Porcelain)

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