There’s a whole school of thought these days that leans towards au naturel. The idea is that perfume and chemicals strip away the healthy oils, knocking the pH balance off.

But does that mean you should be taking a little corn starch, rice flour, arrowroot powder and lemon juice to whip up a shampoo in your own kitchen?

When it is easy to sweat like a pig in our weather, it’s probably unwise to take the chance and end up with greasy hair that in no way equates to a happy and confident man. There needs to be a right balance.

So here’s what you’re going to do: grab a shampoo without parabens and sulphates. Parabens irritate the skin, and while sulphates leave your hair feeling squeaky clean, they also eliminate whatever natural oils and proteins you have that keep your hair healthy.

You want something au naturel? Then Hanz de Fuko it is. Its Natural Shampoo smells great and is suitable for all types of hair. Made with plant extracts and amino acid to keep the mane thicker and stronger, it also reduces dandruff. And don’t forget, conditioner does more than you think. Equally organic, the Natural Conditioner locks in the nutrients and keeps the pollutants out. As you know, well-styled hair all starts with healthy hair. Take care of your hair and the hair will do the rest.

$30 each at Sephora Ion Orchard and Tangs Vivocity

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Shower of Blessings

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