Clockwise (from left): Hydrating Youth Cream (for normal/combination skin), Hydra-Smoothing Mask, Intensive Hydrating Serum, Hydrating Youth Comfort Cream (for drier skin)

I don’t know about you guys, but my mother definitely never told me to “drink water” while I was growing up unless I was down with a fever. She’s not the vainest woman, you see. In fact, I only began chugging water more as I pored over grooming and beauty sections of magazines in my teen years in a bid to banish oily skin and reduce acne as it seemed to be the only consistent advice provided through the years. But the older I got, my skin seemed to respond less to constant water consumption. Should I chug more water and risk frequent toilet breaks and water retention? Or should I look to a topical solution to address my imbalanced skin?

It wasn’t until recently that hyaluronic acid broke into the skincare scene and took the world by storm. The viscous substance is famed for its ability to draw 1000x in water molecules per hyaluronic acid molecule. This means oily skin will produce reduced amount of sebum (no more wok shine on the face), and drier skin types can observe reduced appearance of fine lines as they’re plumped up with moisture. Things only got more confusing as a million skincare brands started producing their own line of hydrating skincare line, each utilising hyaluronic acid in various forms to suit our diverse skin types. 

Some were absolute misses, but Sothys’ Hydra3HA range surely was not. The luxury Parisian skincare brand updated this classic formula with sophisticated technology. Hydra-Plumping Complex introduces a surge of hydration to the skin, leaving it supple to the touch. Ageing skin will benefit from its patented 1055 boletus plant extract that reactivates the skin’s memory, thus lending a youthful finish to your mien. Hyaluronic acid in both high and low molecular weights work in tandem to hydrate from the deepest layers of the epidermis while retaining moisture on the skin’s surface. With all that said, the skin is left looking healthier than before, leaving a youthful glow that will get your even your girlfriend to ask what your skincare secret is.

Here, we share with you the products we swear by from the range. Leave space on your skincare cabinet for these. 


Intensive Hydrating Serum, $185, Sothys. Photo: Sothys

Why it’s AUGUSTMAN-approved: Low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, biomimetic phospholipids and a botanical complex work in tandem to restore and rejuvenate epidermal layer of skin cells. Extracts of 1055 boletus and pea protects the cells from environmental damage and boosts skin cells’ ability to  regenerate. Powerful and effective in providing a moisture boost, this lightweight serum sinks right into the skin upon application and immediately we can see ashiness and the appearance of fine lines dissipate.


Hydrating Youth Cream (for normal/combination skin), $168, Sothys. Photo: Sothys


Hydrating Comfort Youth Cream (for dry/mature skin), $168, Sothys. Photo: Sothys

Why they’re AUGUSTMAN-approved: When it comes to grooming, we tend to avoid anything that’s tacky like how we avoid Miley Cyrus anything. Which is why Sothys’ Hydrating Comfort Cream have become long-time stayers in our grooming stash. The lightweight formula is packed with powerful hydrating ingredients like soy phospholipids, botanical polyxylitol and the brand’s innovative Hydra-Plumping Complex that all work in tandem to regulate the skin’s ability to retain moisture and improve the skin’s texture and appearance. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid work to draw in moisture while 1055 boletus plant extract provide antioxidant properties to protect the skin from damaging environmental factors. Helps that the product sinks into the skin like a dream while nourishing the skin all at the same time. Drier skin types can go for the Hydrating Comfort Youth Cream, which is essentially the same thing in a more emollient medium that parched skin can lap up.

Weekly Treat


Hydra-Smoothing Mask, $113, Sothys. Photo: Sothys

Why they’re AUGUSTMAN-approved: Everyone loves a good chill out session at home on a Saturday night. And while you’re up channel surfing on Netflix after 10pm whether it’s with your bros, your girl or yourself, Sothys’ Hydra-smoothing Mask should never be far from reach. Packed with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, 1055 boletus plant extract, soy phospholipids and Hydra-Plumping Complex, the rich mask will not only put your mind at ease, but also firm up tired skin, restore moisture, and improve the skin’s texture. A great pre-bedtime product, if you ask us.

Get Sothys’ Hydra3HA range at  Premium Salon Boat Quay, tel. 6588 3468 or Sothys Premium Salon Tanjong Pagar (100AM), tel. 6543 6126. Visit the website for more details. 


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Photography: Dominic Phua/Daydream

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Assisted by: Alfred Phang/Daydream 



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